Composite Wood Square Planter Boxes

Introducing Our Recycled Plastic Square Planter Boxes

Our composite wood square box planters will certainly add beauty and charm to your gardening project. The durable, easy-to-assemble planter boxes are suitable for flowers and greenery. They will add the perfect touch to your garden. 

A planter box from Frame It All consists of high-quality composite wood. The material includes 62% certified, sustainably sourced wood fibers and 38% HDPE Plastic. The material is strong, food-safe, visually attractive, and environmentally friendly.

We offer a range of wood square planters to accommodate any gardening or landscape idea. Our selections include a small 2x2 planter box and a larger 8x8 model. Adorn your yard with one size for a great uniform aesthetic, or mix up the options to give a sense of dimension to your backyard.

Stress-Free Assembly

Building lovely, good-quality planters for your favorite plants and flowers shouldn't require much time and effort. Once you shop for our wood square planters, you'll see that our kits have everything you need to build your selected product and start gardening immediately. Looking for some extras? Go ahead! We have a range of accessories designed for our products, which even include cold frames for raised beds!

Our customers love that we offer easy assembly with our planter kits. No tools are necessary! Instead, we use our patented snap-lock brackets to safely and quickly secure all of the wood square planter's components.

Choose from a Range of Options

Looking for a Black Square Planter Box? The Weathered Wood Is for You

Color plays a significant role in your garden's aesthetic, from the plants you grow to your outdoor decor items. At Frame It All, we offer the weathered wood colorway for many of our products, including our composite wood square planters.

The weathered wood has a textured wood-grain finish and an earthy gray-brown color that perfectly complements many elements in a yard, including garden borders, house colors, and playground borders. It also blends nicely with stone features while standing out among vibrant green grass.

If other features worked in your yard, like landscape edging, and you want to create a cohesive garden design with a durable square planter box or raised garden bed, our weathered wood color is a great option.

Square Keyhole Raised Garden Beds

Another great addition to any garden is our square keyhole raised garden bed. Our raised garden beds are available in many sizes and offer better drainage to prevent soil oversaturation while promoting healthy plant growth. The square keyhole garden beds also have a built-in compost hole, which you can use to boost the soil's nutrients.

Cultivating your garden inside a low-maintenance square keyhole raised garden bed means less watering for your flourishing garden. Pair it with our "worm it all" worm composter for the ultimate soil enrichment.

Large Square Planter Boxes

If you have a spacious yard, our large square wood planters are an excellent choice. Our 8x8 planters will fill space on your property without making it look cluttered.

Looking for More Than Square Planter Boxes?

Outdoor planters are great boxes to hold your floral arrangements and decorate your backyard. However, we also offer corner garden beds, tiered garden beds, and curved garden beds with straightforward assembly, eco-friendly materials, and exceptional durability to help transform your backyard.