Playground Border Edging Kits

 Why Do People Love Our Playground Border Kits?

Safety in your outdoor space is important, especially when it's the safety of your kids at stake. If you're setting up a play area in your backyard to rival the local commercial park you want to have fun equipment like a swing and climbing frame that are heavy-duty and sturdy enough for your peace of mind.

Our plastic playground border is made out of recycled plastic which gives a traditional wood or timber finish to the surface, without having to worry about rot and corrosion over time.

Each board has a height of 5.5" so the curb doesn't cause a trip hazard but will keep all the mulch or sawdust in place. Landscape your garden and bring some fun for your kids with a new play area surrounded by our border kits which are available for shipping now.

10-Year Warranty with Registration

Our recycled plastic playground border is designed to help keep your mulch contained with a maintenance-free design that is both durable and sturdy. We know that other materials that are used to make playground borders can start to disintegrate and rot over time, but because of the recycled plastic timber we use, we're sure this kit will last you as long as you need it -- so much so that we offer 5 year warranty as standard and a 10-year warranty with registration, just in case. Read more about our warranty here.

Our Playground Borders are in Stores Nationwide

If you want to create your custom area for your kids' playtime, it's easy to get our playground border kits from wherever you are in the country. We're stocked in Lowe's stores across the US and many other online stores so, whether you want to pop into the store to see the kit for yourself, or want the convenience of getting everything shipped to your front door, we're right where you need us.

How Does It Work?

Our boards are an easy, secure, and cost-effective way to contain wood and rubber safety surfacing under your outdoor play space. Our affordable playground plastic border is designed to flow naturally into your existing landscape edging and is made from sustainably-sourced wood fibers and food-grade HDPE recycled plastic which helps to keep your children safe from splinters and hazardous chemicals.

Just set up our playground barrier products around the mulch border to create an attractive and functional edging around all of your children's play equipment. All of our kits are designed to be extremely easy to put together and we also include instructions in every box so you know exactly what you're doing when putting your playground barrier up.

How To Install Your Playground Border Kit

We think that our product is the best playground border out there because it's extremely heavy-duty and incredibly easy to install yourself. The snap-lock anchor and stacking brackets interlock with each other and can be used to create a playground as big as you like when purchasing multiple kits. 

Keep The Kids Safe and Do Your Bit for the Environment

Keeping your kids safe when they're playing outside is one of the top priorities for any parent, which is something we understand at Frame It All. Not only do we want to look after our kids with high-quality play equipment that keeps them safe from any accident, but we also want to try and select products that help the environment too.

Unlike other playground border options, we don't use commercial plastic in our products. Instead, we use recycled plastic and sustainably sourced wood fibers to help cut down on our carbon footprint.

Looking for More Than Playground Edging? Upgrade the Whole Garden!

Easy to install, safe for play, durable throughout any season, and a perfect decorative piece in any outdoor space, our playground edging is perfect for any garden. But why not upgrade your entire garden with our range of products at Frame It All?

We sell a lot more than just borders for a residential playground, some of our most popular products include:

If you want to perfect your garden and create a safe place for your children to play, take a look at our range of playground edging borders that can be made to fit any shape or sized garden perfectly.