Metal Raised Garden Beds

The Durable Metal Garden Beds From Frame It All

The metal raised garden bed is the perfect solution for any gardener. With 9 different design configurations and a heavy-duty metal design, it will outlast any wooden or regular galvanized steel garden bed. You'll be able to fit this garden bed kit easily into any landscape with its modular design. These metal raised garden beds come with enough Aluzinc metal panels, stainless steel hardware, & rubber trim to create any of the 9 configurations.

What Makes Aluzinc Steel The Best Choice?

The premium-quality materials used to construct this product make it one of the strongest raised garden beds on the market today!

The powder-coated panels are rust-resistant and provide excellent drainage in all weather conditions. The high-strength galvanized steel framing ensures that this bed will last for years to come without rusting through like other types of metals do over time when exposed to moisture during watering cycles or rainstorms from overhead sprinkler systems (if installed properly).

FYI: Aluzinc is a combination of aluminium, zinc and silicone.

Why Shop With Frame It All For Your Metal Raised Garden Beds?

The metal raised garden bed is extremely easy to install because all parts come pre-assembled at our factory before shipment which saves you time since there is no need for cutting or bending pieces together like other types of kits may require (this takes away from valuable yard space as well). We spend year after year committed to delivering the very best products we can, here are some of what we love about our raised garden bed kits.


This elevated garden bed is versatile and can be customized to fit your specific vision. It's the perfect blank canvas for any type of garden. Whether you want to grow flowers, herbs, or vegetables, this garden bed is a perfect fit for any space. This raised bed kit comes with everything you need to get started apart from the soil.


When you're looking for a garden bed that will last, you want to make sure it's built with the best materials. You can't get much better than our Aluzinc coating (0.6mm), which lasts 3-7x longer than regular galvanized steel (up to 20 years). That's right—20 years! Always compare the type of metal and thickness of metal garden beds when choosing, the best-raised garden beds will look after your plants year after year.


We've designed our raised garden bed to be safe, durable and attractive.

The included rubber trim will ensure that you and your children can garden peacefully without the risk of cuts or scratches. The heavy-duty metal frame will stand up to years of use, and the finish will stay looking beautiful for years to come, unlike a wooden bed or planter box you may use as a gardener.


With the frame it all Aluzinc garden beds, you can grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs in a simple, environmentally friendly way. The beds are made from 100% recyclable material and are manufactured using an environmentally conscious method. They are extremely easy to assemble so there's no reason to say no.


Metal Raised Garden Beds are the safest option for growing your vegetables. With typical soil acidity levels falling around neutral, there is no concern of leeching metals into your raised garden bed soil.

Metal Raised Garden Beds Aren’t All… Explore Our Store Today!

If you love the idea of growing your own vegetables but don't want the lawn work, check out these beds. They're incredibly easy to install and will make growing healthy fruits and vegetables a simple task. We also have a range of composite wood raised garden beds, as well as corner garden beds. If these are what you're looking for, then check out our curved garden beds or tiered garden beds.