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VegHerb's 6-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Bed (17" Height)

VegHerb's 6-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Bed (17" Height)

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Product Description

Looking to make a raised garden but stuck on design? Vegherb's 6-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Bed kit is the solution! This garden bed is made with our Aluzinc metal panels and stainless steel hardware. Strong and durable enough to last for years to come and grow any plant you can think of. Choose from any of the 6 possible design configurations or add additional metal garden bed kits for even more versatility.


This garden bed kit can be reconfigured into 6 different designs! Combine with additional kits to open up even more design possibilities.

  • Longevity

Our Aluzinc coating is made with aluminum and zinc, and it provides an even more durable surface than our galvanized steel competitors. The Aluzinc material is also less likely to chip or flake, and resists rusting. In addition, our Aluzinc garden beds will last for up to 20 years so you won’t have to replace this garden anytime soon!

  • Safe for Children

VegHerb metal beds are made with curved corner panels and cap nuts to provide safe corners for you and your children to garden. The included rubber trim can be installed around the top edge of the garden bed to give a soft surface to rest your hands or arms while gardening too!

  • Sustainable

The Aluzinc steel material of VegHerb's raised beds is 100% recyclable and created using an environmentally conscious manufacturing method.

  • Plant Safe

Feel assured that you are nurturing your produce in a secure, food-safe way. With typical soil acidity levels falling around neutral, there is no concern of leeching metals into your raised garden bed soil.

  • Strong Deep Roots

The 17” height of this garden bed gives you enough garden bed depth to accommodate nearly any root system that you want to grow.

Instruction Manual (Print)