Tiered Garden Beds

Embrace The Variety With Tiered Garden Beds

A tiered garden bed is both a stylish and functional addition to any garden that can be used as a planter for a range of herbs, veggies, and plants. Our raised bed box designs are perfect for any beginner or advanced gardener and come fit with proper drainage and a sturdy exterior to help maximize the potential of anything you're planting.

A terraced raised planter box allows anyone with green fingers to plant at various soil depths that are fit for a range of different root systems. Whether you want to grow deep-rooted vegetables like potatoes and squash or some herbs for your next salad, our beds offer the flexibility and durability that you won't be able to find with many other raised ground beds.

Get your vegetable gardens sorted in your outdoor space with our rot-resistant supported raised beds that can be assembled without tools and stacked together to stack and expand your garden. Our kits are ready to buy online and come with all the equipment you need to build your DIY raised garden, you just need to get the additional potting soil to fill your raised garden planter.

What’s Special About Our Tiered Raised Garden Beds?

Our tiered raised garden beds are made to be stacked on top of each other and are perfect for gardeners who have large areas of planting space that they want to make optimal use of. With easy to assemble slide slats and the ability to get a range of veggies that plant roots at varying depths, you can get creative when it comes to designing your garden with Frame It All.

2 Tiered Raised Garden Beds

Minimal tools are needed to put deep-rooted plants into our double-tier designs. Our garden beds offer complete flexibility and creativity with your planter designs, and won't take you hours to put together.

Some of our favorites include:

3 Tiered Raised Garden Beds

Triple tier designs are among our favorite types of raised garden beds as it makes the most out of all the space you have available and makes it easy to grow a wide range of herbs, veggies, and flowers.


Some of our favorite three-tier raised-bed gardening options include:

4 Tiered Raised Garden Beds

If you want to plant a garden with some serious WOW factor, our quad tiers raised garden beds are also a great option. Each bed comes with ample space for growing, without completely taking over your garden.

Some of our favorites include:

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If you're looking for the best choice of products that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you've come to the right place. At Frame It All, our beds allow you to make the most out of your garden's space and start your own vegetable garden in some of the best raised garden beds.

Want to keep your options open? Take a look at our raised garden beds, corner garden beds, and curved garden beds. Then start designing your garden with the help of our Design It All 3D Tool and Plant, Friends and Enemies.