Self-Watering Elevated Planters

Perfect For a Small Space - The Self-Watering Elevated Planter

These beautiful and convenient elevated patio planters are perfect for patios, decks or any small space gardening. The Frame It All elevated patio planter includes a trellis frame and greenhouse cover. Choose between a small, medium, and large size (over 5 feet wide)! Start your own Herb garden or grow a tomato plant on your porch for fresh salsa, sauces, and salads!

Don't worry about maintaining an outdoor raised bed box, you can grow all of your vegetable and fruit using one of our elevated planters where you don't even have to manage the water and drainage like you would with a regular planter box.

Create your own personalized yard with one of our elevated garden beds which are perfect for any gardener, no matter how seasoned you are.

Wonderful Produce With Minimal Maintenance 

When it's the middle of winter or in the heat of summer, you don't want to have to spend all your time outdoors working on your garden. With our raised planter box, you can get all the joy out of growing your own herbs and veggies, without having to put in all the grueling work that is required to keep your plants thriving.

Growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables has never been easier or more convenient. With this elevated planter, you can grow anything from tomatoes and herbs to lettuces and other ingredients you'd need for a salad and add a pop of color to your outdoor space.

It can sometimes be hard to tend to plants needs when you have a raised garden planter on the ground. The elevated container makes tending to your plants easy on the back and knees while also providing a durable, fade-proof space perfect for growing vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce as well as other ingredients you'd need for a salad. This elevated garden planter makes gardening a breeze with no need for kneeling or bending, perfect for beginner gardeners!

Elevated Garden Planter Not Quite What You Want? Check Out Our Raised Garden beds or Planter Boxes

We know how frustrating it can be to find the right planter for your garden. You want one that's easy to grow in, and one that's not too big or small. Our self-watering elevated planter has a self-watering system which means they are often used to grow all fruits such as strawberries and blueberries.

Well, we've got you covered. Check out our raised garden beds and planter boxes! Our raised beds come in a range of different sizes:

If these sizes aren't what you're looking for then shop our collection of raised garden bed products.

I'm sure you can agree that raised garden beds make gardening easier and as none of our products rot, you have peace of mind that your garden can grow for years. Make your garden complete with some of what we have to offer.