Composite Wood Sandboxes With Cover

The Frame It All Sandbox With Cover - Looks Great, Customizable and Safe for Kids

If you want your children to spend more time enjoying the outdoors, setting your garden up with fun activities and play products is a necessity. Our composite wood sandbox is a great option to get your kids to enjoy your outdoor space so they can play around with their favorite toy turtle, become the king or queen of their very own sandcastle, or just imagine they're spending a day at the beach.

Not only do our boxes come with a sandbox cover lid to keep any little critter out of the sand when it's not in use, but you can also transform the sandbox into a raised garden bed once they've outgrown their own play pit. No matter how large or small you want your sandbox to be, our products are designed to be aesthetic and fit in with the rest of your garden, unlike many other plastic outdoor sandbox designs that often look out of place.

Our sandbox is constructed with patented snap lock brackets that make assembly as simple as possible. The durable composite wood exterior can be put together without having to worry about splinters, and is made from sustainably sourced wood fibers and food-grade HDPE recycled plastic. Our sandbox features a foldable cover that keeps sand toys protected and prevents wet sand when the sandpit is not in use.

We're known for selling some of the best sandboxes with covers that come with durable, eco-friendly covers, high-quality materials that are fit to stand up against any weather conditions, and a waterproof design that will keep your sand dry and debris-free at all times so your kids are always ready to get into the sand and make some sandcastles.

So, take a seat on a bench and let your children's imaginations run wild with the perfect outdoor play product from Frame It All.

Hours of Entertainment

Our composite wood sandbox is the perfect sand area that can keep your kids occupied for hours on end, while you find a comfy place to sit. A sandbox for kids is the perfect place for a toddler or older child to pick up a bucket and spade and enjoy playing in the sand all day.

At Frame It All, our sand play kit comes with everything you could need to assemble your sand pit including the sandbox liner, collapsible cover, stacking brackets and finishing caps. All you need is the lbs of sand to complete the box and get your kids playing as soon as possible,

Turn Your Backyard Into The Ultimate Play Area

Create the perfect play area for your kids and let them enjoy the great outdoors, no matter the season, with our range of fun, family-friendly sandboxes and playground borders at Frame It All.

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