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Sandbox Covers

Sandbox Covers

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Cover and Canopy Option
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Collapsible/Telescoping Canopy Cover
Product Features
  • Sandbox cover features velcro flaps to keep the cover tight.
  • Corner connectors keep the cover secure and water-tight
  • UV Ray resistant polyester fabric cover will protect your children from the sun's harmful rays
  • 1 year warranty
Product Description

The Frame It All Sandbox cover protects your sandbox from rain and debris, or from being used as a litter box by neighborhood cats or other animals. The domed construction prevents water pooling which can help prevent a mosquito breeding ground. Collapsible construction makes it simple to set up or to store away in seconds. Corner connectors fasten the cover securely to the sandbox frame. Velcro flaps prevent animal intruders. The cover integrates with any 4' x 4' square or 7' x 8' hexagon Frame It All sandbox.

Please be sure to select Cover and Telescoping Poles option (Canopy Feature) for the Telescoping Feature to be included in your order.

Tarp Cover
Product Features
  • Tarp tabs make it quick and easy to install and remove
  • Inflatable beachball forms a dome to prevent debris build-up
  • Quickly install and remove the cover
  • 1 year warranty
Product Description

Keep animals, water and yard debris out!

The inflatable beachball forms a peak in the center of the sandbox to prevents water pooling which can help prevent a mosquito breeding ground. The elastic drawstring keeps cover tight at each corner of the sandbox.

Sandbox not included.

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    Sandbox Covers Parts List

    • 1 - Sandbox Cover
    • 4 (or 6) - Telescoping Canopy Poles (Included with Canopy/Cover Option)
    • Sandbox not included.