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360 Cap Composite Pickets



  • Proprietary 360 Cap Coat
  • Color Fade Resistant
  • Made from Recycled Plastic & Sustainable Wood Fibers
  • Customizable Installation
  • Anti-fungal & Anti-Bacterial Additives
  • Pest Resistant
  • Moisture & Mold Resistant
  • 50 Year Warranty
  • 360 Cap Composite Pickets

    If you’re looking for a durable and customizable fence option, our individual pickets are a great choice. Our pickets can be installed using traditional wood rails or our color matched cap aluminum rails (coming soon). You can install these pickets using our octagonal galvanized steel post with a color matched post sleeve or your own post of choice. Our individual composite picket option provides all of the benefits of a composite fence with the beautiful and natural wood finish texture of traditional wood fencing.


    Cap Composite Board 5PK

    Each board pack comes with 5 x 360 Cap Composite Pickets. Frame it All Cap Composite Pickets are designed to be used in a 6ft height fence installation however boards can be cut to size for shorter fence panels. For 6ft height fence panels, 4 rails should be used with Frame it All Cap Composite Pickets.

    Post Assembly

    Each Post Assembly comes with 1 galvanzied steel octagonal inner post, 1 color-matched cap composite post sleeve, 1 post cap, 1 Post Anchor Stake, and 8 L-brackets with screws for rail installation. Frame it All Post Assemblies are designed for a 6ft height fence installation but the Composite Post Sleeve and Galvanized steel inner post can be cut to size for shorter fence panels. Both the Composite Post Sleeve and Inner Galvanzied Steel Post have a height of 6ft and the Post Anchor Stake extends into the ground 2ft.

    Why choose Composite over Vinyl?

    It is understandable why many homeowners are choosing composite fence over vinyl for their property, as demand for strong, ecologically friendly fencing has increased recently. Both fence types can provide security and privacy, but due to a number of advantages over vinyl, many modern homeowners find composite materials to be more appealing.

    Vinyl is frequently the choice for fencing applications because it is inexpensive and simple to install, but several drawbacks in the material are pushing contemporary homeowners toward composite. Vinyl fencing frequently suffers a problem where the color fades drastically over time. In contrast, the Frame it All 360 cap safeguards the color of our composite fencing, withstanding the impacts of sun fading over time. In addition to this, when vinyl fencing is produced and discarded, hazardous chemicals such vinyl chloride, dioxins, and mercury are among those that are released into the environment.

    Composite fencing from Frame it All is produced from recycled plastic and wood fibers that are sourced sustainably. It is protected against color fading, bacteria, mold, and pests and never needs to be painted or stained all thanks to our proprietary 360 Cap Coat. For those searching for a natural appearance and eco-friendly fencing that will last over the decades, composite should always be your pick over vinyl.

    Why choose Composite over Wood?

    Wood has historically been the traditional American fence material because of its natural appearance and affordable price. But as time goes on, homeowners are all too aware of the true price tag asscoiated with a wood fence. Over time, wood fencing needs to be stained, painted, and replaced frequently. To increase the longevity of a wooden fence, it should be stained and painted once every three to five years. Depending on the sort of wood you select, you might even need to replace your fence every 5 to 10 years, though you'll probably wish you had done it sooner given how raggedy it can start to appear as its lifespan comes to an end.

    Frame it All composite fencing will last over 25 years and will never require expensive painting or staining. With our 360 cap coat, you can enjoy the timeless and organic appearance of wood without having to deal with the obvious drawbacks of a wood fence: bacteria, rot, fading, and pests. Frame it All diverts millions of pounds of plastic and transforms them into an eco-friendly composite material in place of felling trees to make fencing. The best thing is that, unlike wood, our composite fencing will remain gorgeous for a very long time without fading or losing its quality!

    Warranty Information & Registration

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