Classic Designs

Frame It All Classic Designs

The Frame It All team has come up with hundreds of modular raised garden beds since our founding in 1999. These favorite garden bed designs have stood the test of time year in and year-out with backyard garden enthusiasts. If you're new to gardening and looking for a good jumping-off point, our classic garden beds will fit the bill. They provide easy access, excellent drainage and warmer soil in a stylish growing space to make your landscape sparkle.

Check out nearly a dozen DIY composite raised garden beds made using recycled and sustainable materials. Our standard raised beds in sizes up to 64 square feet are a proven way to grow vegetables and flowers. If you want to have beautiful foliage on your patio, place raised garden planters along railings and walls. We also have double-tier beds and the famous Versailles Sunburst garden bed that will be a backyard star. Call us at (800) 914-9835 for assistance choosing a garden bed you'll love.