Raised Garden Beds With Fence

Protect Your Produce Using a Raised Garden Bed With Fence

Our raised garden beds are a durable and low-maintenance alternative for avid gardeners who want to ensure their veggies and plants are safe to grow. Whether you're new to gardening or a veteran, you don't want to have to worry about animals getting in and destroying all their hard work. Unfortunately, while many standard garden fences look nice, they are inadequate for stopping deer, skunks, raccoons and other animals from stealing your crops.

If you'd like to start growing a vegetable garden but don't trust your garden fence to keep your produce safe, you'll need to build a DIY raised garden bed with the help of our raised planter kit. They are fitted with everything you could need to build the fence while keeping easy access to the garden. Get all your fence panels and fence posts from us today.

Why Use a Garden Bed Fence

No matter where you live, there is wildlife looking to snag a free meal from your garden. Raising the garden bed off the ground makes it easier for you to access vegetables, flowers and herbs but isn't going to do much to deter invaders.

A fenced-in garden has a durable barrier that will stop most small, medium and large mammals. It is a humane method of pest control that doesn't require dangerous chemicals or traps. For more information about garden fencing, read our Resource Center post "What Does an Animal Garden Barrier Protect From?"

Grow all your favorite herbs, veggies, and flowers in a range of planter options that are fit for any sized garden or lawn. With designs that can take center stage on your patio, or neatly tucked away in the corner of your yard, it's easy to embrace the gardening life with a raised bed garden from Frame It All.

What Customers Love About Our Fenced Raised Garden Beds

Unlike typical cedar raised garden beds or other traditional deer fencing, our raised garden beds do not look messy and allow easy access to the garden. The Stack & Extend Animal Barrier is a beautiful yet functional alternative to metal fencing that's both easy to install and heavy-duty enough to protect your plants from anything.

Safeguard your garden and harvest from unwanted pests by building a raised garden bed that helps you to maximize your garden space and enclose everything you're growing from any big or small animals. Perfect for even the most beginner gardener, our raised garden beds provide your garden with the ultimate protection from animals like bunnies and other critters.

Customers love our range of garden products because they are the easiest way to add style and functionality to your garden. Our fenced-in raised garden bed features a range of sizes to work with the square feet width to fit your garden and a mesh barrier that's enough inches high to keep out even the most persistent of animals.

We offer 8' x 8', 10' x 10' and 12' x 12' walk-in beds with a garden fence that make backyard growing simpler and safer. From traditional three-sided gardens to our Roundabout circular garden bed and the unique Center Cross animal barrier garden bed, we have an affordable raised bed kit with a fence that suits your goals.

Put The Tools Down - No DIY Required

We don't think that creating your own growing garden outdoors should involve a lot of hassle, which is why all our kits include everything you need to build your raised bed and instructions on how you can put everything up.

Never worry about putting a screw in the wrong place or messing up one of the hinge joints; our picket fence raised beds are the perfect addition to your exterior, whether it's at the bottom of your garden or easily accessible from your patio. Our assembly instruction printables are easy to follow so in no time you'll be enjoying a tomato, squash, or potato that you've grown yourself.

Looking to Add to an Existing Garden Bed?

If you're lucky enough to already own a Frame It All raised garden bed, we have a few raised bed fence options for you to choose from:

Customize Your Garden With Frame It All

Growing herbs, veggies, and flowers is exciting when you have a range of garden products from Frame It All, such as our raised beds and Worm It All composter box. If you're still looking for more items to create a personal growing space, take a look at our, corner garden beds, curved garden beds, and tiered garden beds. You can also use our Design It All 3D Tool and Plant, Friends and Enemies to guide you through the process of setting up your garden.

Shop the range of raised garden beds with a fence at Frame It All today. If you need assistance, call our knowledgeable team at (800) 914-9835 or email support@frameitall.com.