Patio Planters On Wheels

Perfect Your Garden With Our Planters On Wheels

Patio planter boxes are an excellent way to create a beautiful and functional outdoor space. Commonly used for a range of produce; our customers enjoy growing flowers, tomatoes, herbs and much more. 

At Frame It All, our patio planters are robust, rectangular containers with wheels to make for easy movement around your space. These planters are great for both outdoor and indoor use. With easy portability, you can roll the planter to wherever makes sense for you.

Embrace The Customization That Planters With Wheels Offer

There are many benefits to this movable outdoor planter that can sit on your balcony, patio or large outdoor space. You can roll the elevated garden bed around your patio to reorganise the space, suit the sunlight or for your personal decor preferences. Another great thing about these rolling planters is that they are self-watering. You also only have to water the reservoir every few days, or even allow rainwater to accumulate. You’ll plant your flowers, rst-assured they’ll have the water they need.

We Have More Than Just Rolling Garden Planters on Wheels!

You can customize your garden patio to your hearts content with Frame It All. Whether you want to build a sandbox or create a raised garden bed, the possibilities are endless as we have a huge range of sizes to choose from from.

If this isn't quite what you're looking for, shop some of our other products and tools to craft a custom garden inch by inch: