Corner Raised Garden Beds

Corner Raised Garden Beds for Beauty and Functionality

Sometimes the design of your garden can hold you back when it comes to getting your new vegetable patch started, which is why we've made a range of corner box beds that can slide into even the smallest corners of your yard, without taking up much space.

Grow to your heart's content when you purchase one of our raised bed corners that offer both beauty and functionality. Simply slide the bracket bed into either your lawn or patio and maximize the productivity of your available space in an instant.

Whether you want to grow a variety of delicious herbs to add to your dishes or a selection of bulbs for a corner flower bed to improve the aesthetics of your outdoor space, our corner bracket beds are the perfect addition to any garden.

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What Makes Our Corner Raised Beds So Unique?

Whether you're limited when it comes to space, or you don't want to build a large metal frame to take up all of your available garden space, our corner raised garden bed designs are perfect for whatever you plan to plant.

Our corner raised garden beds offer maximum space with minimal effort, available in multiple-tiered options, or other L-shaped item options that can squeeze their way into any garden.

We make building raised board beds extremely easy with our kits from Frame It All, made using sustainable materials and designed to be durable throughout all seasons so you can get the most enjoyment possible out of gardening.

Our kits include everything you need to start growing produce in your garden, minus the seed and soil. If you want to put your green fingers to good use and start up your vegetable patch, our corner raised beds are the perfect, non-intrusive option.

The Different Corner Raised Garden Beds You Can Choose From

At Frame It All, we have multiple tall and small grow box options that can be placed in any sized garden for a starter patch, or as an additional bed to expand your current gardening space. Here are some of our most popular options.

If you want to combine style and space, our Yosemite Falls triple-tier raised bed provides ample space for growing anything your heart desires. Made from recycled plastic to create a heavy, durable bed this is perfect for amateur and seasoned gardeners alike.

However, if you'd rather keep it simple, you could choose our Arrowhead bed. Featuring a traditional L-shape design, this can easily fit in any corner of your garden.

Finally, to combine style and space, we love our OK Corral curved garden bed which slots into a corner but also features glamorous curved edges to give your garden an aesthetic appeal.

We Don’t Only Offer Corner Raised Garden Beds - Explore Our Other Options Today!

Still looking for the next piece to add to your garden? Secure the garden of your dreams with our range of other products. Although your final choice will depend on the size and shape of your garden, we have plenty of different products that are sure to look right at home on your lawn.

Browse our selection of composite raised garden beds, curved garden beds, and terraced garden beds, and complete your new gardening patch today.