Curved Raised Garden Beds

Mix Up Your Garden Design With a Curved Raised Garden Bed

At Frame It All, we think that creating the perfect growing area for flowers and vegetables is part of the fun of gardening. With our modular raised garden beds, you can turn your garden landscape into a triumph of form that gives your plants everything they could need to thrive throughout the seasons.

Curved planters and garden beds offer all the benefits of raised garden beds with a creative, free-flowing look. Use our corner garden beds to create as many square feet of growing area as you need. Design your island garden and embrace the life of growing all your fruits and vegetables.

Why to Use Curved Flower Beds

Although a traditional raised bed with composite boards will work great in most gardens, our curved garden beds allow you to have a little more creativity and control over the layout of your gardening patch. If you think straight bed panels are a little too plain, a curved planter box is the answer. It offers more of a traditional aesthetic and pairs well with the natural characteristics of a landscape.

Each of our curved corner raised garden bed options allows you to mix and match your plantings and turn your gardening hobby into an all-out passion. Grow fragrant herbs and flowers, seasonal vegetables and much more. Added features such as tiers, corners and animal barriers make corner bed frames for plants a do-it-all solution.

What's Special About Our Curved Planter Boxes?

We take gardening seriously at Frame It All, which is why we make sure that all our beds are made with high-quality materials and are certain to stand the test of time in your garden. The composite panel boards are made from a mix of sustainably sourced wood fibers and reclaimed HDPE plastic. We're so confident in their durability that we offer a limited lifetime warranty when you register your garden bed.

You can install a modular raised bed any time of the year or add on to the modular beds you already have in your garden. Our designs are all contemporary and easily assembled without having to need a whole suite of tools to hand. They use simple snap-lock brackets, and in many cases, they are modular so you can tweak the design.

By using environmentally friendly materials, we help our customers while also protecting the environment with our raised bed designs that are a triumph of form and functionality. Our multi-level corner beds will ensure that you're able to grow everything you could need to make your garden look beautiful and have all the delicious ingredients you need for your next meal.

Which One Will You Choose?

We have a range of options when it comes to choosing deep raised beds to complete your gardening patch. From multi-level designs to small beds that are perfect when you have limited growing space, here are some of our most popular products.

If you want to bring some style to your garden, our Versailles Sunburst bed offers ample growing space in an interesting, pointed design that looks just as much like a decoration as a growing patch. However, if you're limited on space, you may be more inclined to try out our Wavy Navy bed. This 4' X 8' raised garden bed is small but still has the signature Frame It All charm.

Multiple tiered curved garden beds are available, including the Curved Terrace double-tier flower bed and the Split Waterfall triple-tier bed. Finally, if you want to have easy access to tend to all your plants, Roundabout raised crucial garden beds are the perfect bed that will allow you to give each plant the care and attention it needs. Decide on the right board texture and color with a composite board sample pack - just pay for shipping and handling.

We Offer More Than Curved Raised Garden Beds - Take a Look!

Our curved garden beds maximize both style and space to provide the perfect place to grow all your herbs, veggies, flowers and other plants. With intricate shapes and multi-level designs, anyone can become a gardener.

If you'd like to take a look at some of our other products, check out our composite raised garden beds, corner garden beds and terraced garden beds. Do you have questions? Call Frame It All at (800) 914-9835 to talk to a team member about our curved planter and garden bed options.