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VegHerb's 9-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Bed (17" Height)

VegHerb's 9-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Bed (17" Height)

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Product Description

VegHerb's 9-in-1 (V1-V9) Metal Raised Garden Bed is the perfect solution for any gardener. With 9 different design configurations and a heavy-duty metal design, it will outlast any wooden or galvanized steel garden bed. Fit this garden bed kit into any landscape with its modular design. VegHerb’s metal raised garden beds come with enough Aluzinc metal panels, stainless steel hardware, & rubber trim to create any of the 9 configurations.

  • Modularity

One of the great things about this garden is that it can be configured in several different ways. No matter what your vision may be, this garden is sure to provide the perfect canvas.

  • Longevity

If you’re replacing a garden bed that previously rusted or rotted out, then you’ve come to the right place. VegHerb metal garden beds are built to last with their Aluzinc coating (0.6mm) that lasts 3-7x longer than galvanized steel (up to 20 years!). Always compare the type of metal and thickness of metal garden beds when choosing, not all garden kits are created equally!

  • Safe for Children

The included rubber trim will ensure that you and your children can garden peacefully without the risk of cuts or scratches.

  • Sustainable

VegHerb Aluzinc garden beds are 100% recyclable and manufactured with an environmentally conscious method.

  • Plant Safe

Feel assured that you are nurturing your veggies in a beneficial and food-safe way. With typical soil acidity levels falling around neutral, there is no concern of leeching metals into your raised garden bed soil.

  • Strong Deep Roots

The 17” height of this garden bed ensures that no matter what vegetation you choose to grow, your plants will be happy with ample depth to spread their roots.

Instruction Manual (Print)