Black Landscape Edging

Black Landscape Edging That Elevates and Defines Your Garden

Looking for a simple, elegant solution to your garden edging needs? Black landscape edging from Frame It All creates an instant, stylish border between your lawn and flower beds or around trees and shrubs.

This durable lawn edging with plastic stakes consists of weather-resistant PVC, giving you a crisp, defined line while adding depth and definition to your landscape project. This edging can also withstand trimmers and mowers beautifully and fits effortlessly into any landscaping environment.

Just place it in the ground, along the edge of your garden's hardscaping, or around any backyard area you'd like to keep contained within specific outdoor spaces.

Make a Great First Impression and Keep Them Coming Back with Easy-to-Install Garden Edging

If you love clean, crisp features that define the boundaries of your lawn or garden and complement plants, shrubs, and trees, then our black landscape edging is the answer. Our edging is fabulously functional (coming in various lengths) and easy to install.

With this black recycled plastic landscape edging, you can create a beautiful border along drives, sidewalks, gardens, and around patio furniture or other outdoor structures in minutes. This black edging for landscaping also adds depth to an area by defining it as yours alone.

Why Choose Frame It All for Your Black Lawn Edging?

Shop our landscape edging, made from recycled plastic, to transform your garden. This landscape edging black option won't disturb the natural landscape but will give it a finished and beautiful look.

Frame It All's black edging landscaping consists of weather-resistant PVC; it'll last many years without cracking or warping, even under extreme conditions. You won't be replacing this purchase anytime soon, giving you years of use and enjoyment.

This landscape edging is the perfect way to keep weeds away from the length of your garden trench. We make installation easy with our kits containing stakes designed to be bolted together compared to other kits that try to force pieces together with skewers or nails. And best of all, since these landscape edges are plastic, they won't rust or rot!

Explore Our Wide Variety of Black Landscape Edging Options for Your Garden or Yard

When you're looking to update your garden or yard, the first step is to consider what type of landscape edging will best add to your form and space.

At Frame It All, we offer a wide variety of landscape edges in addition to our black landscape edges. Our selection includes various materials and many different styles, sizes, and shapes, perfect for your outdoor space.

Take a look at our full range today:

Add character and definition to your yard with attractive landscape edges. We offer high-quality products that are easy to install and long-lasting. Find the perfect black landscape edging for your outdoor space at Frame It All today!