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Cold Frame For Raised Bed - The 4 x 4 ‘Greenhouse’

Cold Frame For Raised Bed - The 4 x 4 ‘Greenhouse’

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Product Features
  • Powder-coated steel frame, PVC cover.
  • Extendable
  • Simple to remove and replace
  • Raised Garden Bed Sold Separately
  • Product Description

    Cover With Ease - The Cold Frame for Your Raised Bed

    Every season can be prime growing season for any gardener when you cover up your plants in our simple cold frame. We help give every seedling in your vegetable garden the best chance of life by covering them in our PVC sheeting design allowing for optimal ventilation and insulation, no matter what season you're planning to grow in.

    No matter how small or large your vegetable box is, our DIY cold frame stands at 36 inches high at the top of the frame to help protect your plants, mulch, or compost. Zippered windows may be opened for ventilation and are made using a sturdy steel frame suitable for any season, you never have to worry about a hinge rusting or corroding over time.

    Build a cold frame to protect everything around your garden today and make sure you have your plants covered throughout the year. See what plants or flowers you could add to your rotation knowing they will survive longer.

    How Does a Cold Frame Greenhouse Work?

    Many gardeners use a cold frame to protect their plants from frost in the winter months and to extend the growing season for their vegetables, herbs, and plants. Build a simple cold frame using our kit to provide ventilation on warm days while giving your delicate plants the protection they need to thrive during the fall and winter.

    Our cold frame is built to control the ambient temperature to look after the plants inside a cold frame, no matter what gardening season it is. With the right protection, your plants will get enough light on warm days without overheating, and won't freeze over the colder months - it also means you can grow certain plants out of season with the micro-climate the cold frame creates.

    Our kit contains everything you need to put your cold frame up, apart from the raised bed you will need to attach it to. You can get as many as you need to cover any number of raised beds. Just pick up multiple kits and extend the cold frames as long as your garden demands.

    Why You'll Love The Cold Frame For Your Raised Bed

    Our expandable cold frame is the perfect addition to your garden to help protect tender plants from frost. Whether you want to lock in as much warmth as possible throughout the winter or let in light on the warmer days to keep your plants alive at the end of the season, a cold frame gives you much more control.

    Regulating the temperature inside, our three-feet-high cold frames protect your delicate plants and creates a secure structure around plants you can easily open and close, depending on the weather. We don't want all of that hard work to go to waste because of a freak cold snap or heat wave.

    Use cold frames to extend your gardening season and grow a variety of plants that normally wouldn't survive in harsher weather conditions. Turn your gardening hobby from a warm-weather-only affair to something you can successfully achieve all year round.

    Easy Pairings

    We love when products can be used together and combined instead of having to find special parts for each thing. It makes it easier to figure out what you need and is more cost-effective. It also means they will match in style, and everyone loves a clean aesthetic. The cold frame greenhouse is the perfect partner for our raised garden beds, no matter which size you're going for:

    Interesting Fact

    Micro-climates allow you to grow plants outside of your growing zone or season. A combination of a cold frame, an insulated raised bed, and a protected location may allow you to create a climate many degrees higher than the outside temperature.

    Try growing plants that don't typically thrive in your area, and protect plants that don't generally over-winter well by placing them in the cold frame until spring. Experiment and save money by growing your vegetables and nurturing plants that would typically have to be replaced.

    Be ready to take your gardening to a new level when you are able to extend the life of your plants or grow something out of season. Whether you are an expert gardener wanting to try new combinations of plants or vegetables or a beginner who can't seem to get anything to stay alive past one season, a cold frame for a raised garden bed might be the secret weapon you need.

    Here’s a note from Anthony on why he designed this product:

    "I love how our cold-frame greenhouse attaches directly onto my raised bed and enables me to start my plants earlier in the spring. On the opposite side of the season, I’m able to grow well into the fall and during mild New York winters even grow cool season crops like lettuce and spinach!” - Anthony

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  • What's in the box?

    Greenhouse Parts List

    4’ x 4’ Cold Frame

    • Part #1 (4) - Vertical Leg
    • Part #2 (6) - Horizontal Tube
    • Part #3 (6) - Bent Tube
    • Part A (6) - T Connector (3 Hole)
    • Part H (1) - Center Root Connector
    • Part J (2) - End Connector
    • Part K (1) - PVC Cover
    • Part L (4) - Stake
    • Part C (2) - T- Connector (4 Hole - Only Use when connecting 2 or more Greenhouses)
    • Above parts as listed in the Product Manual

    Instruction Manual