Starting a Raised Garden Bed

Starting a Raised Garden Bed

You just purchased your new raised bed. Now what do you do? An empty bed grows nothing! Here are a few quick tips to help you get started growing today!

What You'll Need:

  1. Soil Mixture, about 8 cubic feet for a 4' x 4' bed that is 6" high
  2. Compost, you can combine store bought with your own if you have some at home
  3. Weed Barrier, enough for each 4' x 4' bed, 2 beds would require 4' x 8' or for lining below the bed
  4. Seedlings or Seeds if you wish, whatever you wish to grow in your bed!

One quick note about setting up your raised bed. If you have decided to place your bed directly on grass or a spot that might have stubborn weeds, you can use your Weed Barrier fabric directly on the ground to prevent weeds and/or grass from growing up from underneath the bed. If you'd like you can also use it on top as directed below, to prevent weeds from beginning to grow from the top and to help with moisture control.

When putting your raised bed together and selecting plants for it, remember to pick a spot in your yard or garden that is away from shrubs and yet gets enough sunlight or shade to properly grow the plants you desire. Fill your bed with the soil and compost, mixing as you fill.

When the bed is full and you wish to, place the weed barrier on top of the soil as per the directions on the product. When you are ready to plant the seedlings place them, in their containers, directly on the weed barrier, spacing them out as needed. This will help you see what you might need to move around before committing to a spot by planting and then maybe later realizing that you might have to move a plant or two. When you are happy with the placement of all of your plants, cut an "X" in the weed barrier underneath each plant and you can just place the plant back on top of the "X" until you are ready to place them in the soil. 

Pop the plant out of the container and score the sides of the dirt/root ball to allow the roots to take hold in the new soil once you plant them. Remember to give each plant some water in the hole before they go into their new home. Now plant your seedling in the dirt under the new opening. Repeat until all of your plants are in.

Give your plants a good but GENTLE watering when you are all done. Continue to water the plants according to what you have planted. Step back and admire your handy work and new beautiful raised garden! Happy Growing!!

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