Balcony Garden Boxes

Easy-Assembly Balcony Garden Boxes

We build our balcony garden boxes to last. Whether you choose a raised garden bed or a rolling planter from us, rest assured the product consists of quality materials with natural rot resistance. We also ensure every kit is easy to assemble so you can quickly start growing vegetables and planting your favorite flowers to adorn your balcony.

Because we focus on easy-to-assemble balcony garden boxes and planters with raised beds, most of our kits have everything you'll need to build your boxes. Assembly is so straightforward that most kits don't require tools. The only exception is the raised bed planters with legs, yet it won't take much time or effort to put everything together.

A balcony garden box with a raised bed is the perfect alternative to a traditional garden if you don't have enough yard space to accommodate it. Balconies serve as a fine outdoor living space. If you're looking for ideas and ways to enhance your balcony, our durable, low-maintenance balcony garden beds are an ideal fit.

Using our balcony garden boxes for your outdoor space will help you discover many ideas to enhance your balcony and add beauty to the space. Even if you have a small balcony, our durable raised bed garden boxes help maximize the available room.

Enjoy Gardening, Even Without the Backyard

Whether you live in an apartment or a house without a yard, you can turn your balcony into a beautiful space with lovely plants, flowers, and salad greens. With our easy-to-maintain balcony garden boxes, ideas for an at-home garden are limitless.

Fill our small planters with different types of soil to grow vegetables right outside your door. If you enjoy cooking and frequently create new meal ideas, why not have a balcony garden box and grow many types of herbs within your reach? The herbs and vegetables you grow on balconies in durable garden boxes with raised beds will provide plenty of fresh ingredients.

No matter your gardening ideas, you can grow healthy food and beautiful plants without a backyard. However, you don't have to sacrifice your balcony's space for your new plants, flowers, and vegetables. Customize your balcony garden with our many balcony planter options, including raised bed planters on wheels and small planters for confined spaces.

Choose From the Best Balcony Garden Boxes

Frame It All has solutions for all your at-home gardening ideas, even if you lack yard space. Consider pairing our balcony garden boxes with other durable and attractive collections to make the most of your outdoor living space.

You can add our small planters to your balcony to fit in small spaces and tight corners. Make use of your balcony's verticle space with a raised garden bed with legs. If you want the option to move or reconfigure your balcony to accommodate your garden and seating, consider using our rolling planter with wheels and a raised bed.

Our balcony garden boxes are versatile and easy to manage. However, we can make gardening easier with our self-watering elevated planters.