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The Skyline Planter (24” x 48” x 25”) Elevated Garden Bed

The Skyline Planter (24” x 48” x 25”) Elevated Garden Bed

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Product Features
  • Dimensions: 24” x 48” x 25”
  • Aluminum legs, joints, and support bars make for a sturdy and durable design
  • Planter boards made of a Recycled plastic composite material: 38% recycled plastic, 62% durable hardwood fibers
  • Easy and straightforward assembly - requires only a screw-driver or power drill to attach the legs
  • Conserves natural fossil resources required to make new plastics
  • Made of 24lb or recycled plastic, the equivalent of diverting nearly 1237 single-use water bottles from landfills and oceans
  • Soil Capacity: 11.07 cu. ft.
  • Comfortably elevated for easy maintenance
  • No split, rot, decay, or splinters
  • Patent Pending
  • Product Description

    The Skyline Elevated Planter Box From Frame It All

    Introducing the Skyline Planter, a stunning raised garden bed with aluminum legs that will elevate your outdoor space and bring a touch of nature to even the smallest of balconies and outdoor spaces.

    Imagine waking up to the sight of lush greens and fragrant flowers, carefully tended and nurtured by your own hands. This fully-functional elevated planter box is not just a practical addition to your home, but a beautiful one too, creating a serene and peaceful environment right outside your door. Transform your rooftop, patio, or terrace into a tranquil haven with the Skyline Planter.

    Perfect for Balconies, Rooftops, Terraces and More

    Do you love gardening but have limited space? The Skyline Elevated Planter Box is the solution you’ve been looking for. With 8 square feet of gardening space at your disposal, the Skyline Planter gives you the freedom to let your green thumb run wild and grow a bountiful harvest of flowers, vegetables, and herbs.

    Frame it All offers 3 options of Elevated Planters:

  • Elevated Escape garden Planter - 24" x 48" x 34.5"
  • Skyline Elevated Garden Planter - 24" x 48" x 25"
  • Urban Oasis Elevated Planter - 27" x 27" x 22"
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  • Why Anthony Design The Skyline Elevated Planter Box

    “When designing the Skyline Planter, I wanted to create a raised garden bed that was not only functional but also easy to use. The sturdy and durable aluminum legs, joints, and support bars make the Skyline Planter a perfect choice for small outdoor spaces." – Anthony

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