7 Raised Bed Shapes For Your Yard!

7 Raised Bed Shapes For Your Yard!

Not all yards are created equal. The amount of available space, shape of your space or location in the yard all vary. Here are several ideas for options to create the perfect raised bed garden for your yard.


This is the best option for limited space. Small Patios and balconies can accommodate this 4'x4' raised bed for your organic gardening needs. You can add as many levels as you would like to raise the bed up higher for easier access to your veggies or flowers!


This is the best option if you'd like to grow several types of vegetables or flowers. Start with a 4'x8' raised bed and add layers to one or both sides, depending on the types of flowers or vegetable you would like to grow.

If you are starting with an existing 4'x4' square bed you can easily extend it with additional boards and joints. It takes just 3 additional boards and joints to create a single level rectangular bed!

L Shape

Create an L Shape garden for corners of your patio or on the ends of your lawn. You can plant flower beds, herbs or veggies to enjoy with your meals. This would be a great way to bring lovely scents to your outdoor entertaining space when you place an L Shape garden at the end of the area and fill with plants such as lavender or jasmine.

U Shaped

If you have the space available, you can create a U-Shaped gardening bed that will allow you to access all sides of the bed from within the shape. Bring a bench and you're set for as long as you'd like to garden, weed or plant!


A Waterfall garden is a great focal point garden in the corner of the yard. With its cascading levels and curved ends, it will give your eye places to dance all around your beautiful garden!

Focal Point Gardens

A specialty garden like the Versailles, ButterflyGarden Star or a round garden bed would be a stunning focal point in any landscape. They are all beautiful, versatile and long lasting designs that will capture your imagination from the first moment you see them!


All Frame It All beds and designs can be modified by extending or stacking additional layers. For instance, when you add height to your garden you also expand the kinds of vegetables that you can grow. Certain veggies need deeper soil beds like root vegetables, such as carrots!

If you need any help coming up with your custom design, give us a call at (800) 914-9835 and we'd be happy to help you calculate what you need for your custom solution!

If you've got a space, we can help you put a raised garden bed in it! You are only limited by your imagination! Happy Gardening!

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