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Your 6ft Privacy Fence Options: Panels and Pickets

Individual composite fence pickets


6 foot composite privacy fencing


Pre-assembled composite fence panels

Fence Panels

Discover the future of 6ft fencing with Frame it All's revolutionary composite fence panels and pickets. Move beyond traditional vinyl aesthetics and avoid the short lifespan of wood fences. Our composite fencing products offers an unparalleled 30+ year lifespan, fused with recycled HDPE plastic and sustainably sourced wood fiber. Enjoy the perks of color fade resistance, zero staining requirements, and an impressive 30-year warranty. With Frame it All, your 6ft fence is more than just a barrier—it's a special testament to quality and environmental responsibility.

Introducing GateMate: Perfectly Complements Your 6ft Fence

It’s Part of Our Mission

Every year, our oceans and habitats absorb more than 16 billion pounds of plastic waste. Frame it All combats this by transforming plastics, which might have ended in landfills or waters, into premium composite items, granting them renewed purpose.

Each Cap Picket Panel we produce saves our environment from an additional 40 pounds of plastic waste. So by shopping with us for an installation of 6ft tall fencing for your yard, you really do help us to help the planet. 

Why You'll Love These Composite Wood Fence Panels 

They Retain Their Color

The Cap Coating is naturally resistant to fading - no need to paint or stain! 

5x The Lifespan of Wood Fences 

Our Cap Composite Fencing will stand the test of time and resist rot, bacteria and insect damage.

Good For The Planet 

Install the eco-friendly choice: we construct with recycled HDPE plastic and sustainably-harvested wood fiber. 

The Process Behind The 6 ft Fence Boards 

High-quality, food-grade HDPE melds with wood fiber to create a durable composite blend. These composites are then shaped into sturdy, weather-proof fence boards that not only look stunning but are also simple to upkeep.


Got Questions About the 6ft Fencing? 

What exactly is composite fencing? 

Composite fencing is a high-quality, eco-friendly blend of recycled plastic and wood fibers, offering a durable alternative to traditional wood fence panels. 

Why should I opt for composite over other materials for my 6ft fence? 

Opting for composite over wood or other materials enhances your landscape's curb appeal. It's naturally resistant to rot, termite, and insect damage. Plus, it provides durability without the need to stain, touch up, or handle regular maintenance like a wood fence.

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Which fencing panel choices are available to me? 

You have several 6ft fence panel choices, ranging from privacy fence options to decorative looks. Kits are often pre-assembled for easy installation. Always check availability before making a selection. 

How do I maintain the pristine look of my 6ft fence? 

Maintaining your 6 ft fence is simple. Given its composite construction, it resists staining and doesn't require the frequent touch-ups that wood fence panels might. It's naturally resistant to elements, ensuring your yard retains its curb appeal. 

How do panels differ from pickets in fencing? 

Panels, coming in 6’ x 6’ dimensions, provide a modern horizontal fence to enclose your area, enhancing privacy. Pre-assembled Picket and Shadowbox panels simplify installation while providing all the benefits of cap composite. Individual pickets, on the other hand, are individual slats that give you more customizability for your fencing and often offer a more classic, decorative look. 

What color options are available for my 6ft fence?

A variety of color options are available to suit your space. Our options vary depending on the product you select. Take a look at our products today to choose from mahogany, slate, driftwood, sand, and walnut. The eco-friendly composite material retains its color well, so your backyard maintains its charm over the years. 

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