Modern Horizontal Fencing:
A New Era

  • Timeless Color Preservation
  • Fortified Against Critters, Fungus, and Unwanted Bacteria
  • Crafted to Repel Moisture and Prevent Mold
  • Built to Withstand Salt’s Wear and Tear 
  • 30 Years of Assured Strength and Appearance
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Sleek, Modern Horizontal Fencing Panels

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Fence Panels

Frame it All offers a modern twist on traditional fencing. Leave behind the outdated vinyl and frail wooden fences. Embrace our 360 Cap Composite, a blend of recycled plastic and wood fibers, guaranteed for over 30 years. Boasting vibrant colors, effortless upkeep, and a 30-year promise, our horizontal fence designs seamlessly elevate any outdoor space. For the forward-thinking homeowner, Frame it All is the bridge to robust, eco-conscious fencing that flawlessly complements your landscape.

GateMate: An Easy Addition to Your Privacy Fence 

A Commitment to the Planet, Embedded in Our Values 

Annually, a staggering 16 billion pounds of plastic imperil our oceans and pristine landscapes. Frame it All champions an eco-forward approach by converting this looming waste into robust composite fence panels, breathing purpose and style into what once was discarded.

 A single panel from our collection not only elevates your modern fence design but also recycles 40 pounds of plastic, creating an intersection of aesthetic appeal and environmental stewardship.

What Sets Frame It All’s Horizontal Fencing Apart? 

Colors Stay Vibrant 

Stained horizontal fences often lose their hue with time, but our fence style ensures that colors remain vivid, accentuating your property's aesthetic. Our panels are weather resistant, making them a great choice for homeowners seeking a lasting, contemporary look. 

Lasts 5 Times Longer than Wooden Fences 

Unlike traditional vertical wood fences that may sag or deteriorate, our horizontal fence design uses durable materials, ensuring a long-lasting structure. Whether it's redwood, fir, or ipe, the right wood species for your fencing project plays a role, but our modern style fence made of composite outlives them all. 

Eco-Friendly Choice 

Stepping away from the traditional fence, our modern horizontal panels not only provide a sleek and modern aesthetic but are also crafted from repurposed plastics. This approach makes your fencing investment both eco-friendly and stylish.

How We Craft Top-Tier Modern Horizontal Fence Boards 

Harnessing the essence of modern fence design, we combine premium food-grade HDPE with select wood fiber, crafting a durable composite blend. Our horizontal privacy fence panels, birthed from this fusion, offer homeowners an enduring, weather-proof fencing investment that not only amplifies the contemporary look of outdoor living spaces but also stands resilient with minimal upkeep. 


Curious About Modern Horizontal Fencing? 

Current fencing trends: What's popular?

Modern wood fences, especially horizontal fence designs, are all the rage. Homeowners increasingly gravitate towards horizontal fence panels for their contemporary look and feel. The move from traditional vertical wood fences to more modern horizontal styles is evident. Many people on Pinterest, for instance, are exploring fresh horizontal fence ideas to accentuate their outdoor living space.

Composite vs. Others: Why's it the best choice?

We really love composite as it stands out in the world of fencing investment for its blend of durability and aesthetics. Unlike traditional fence materials that may warp, sag, or deteriorate over time, composite offers a long-lasting solution. Made from a combination of wood fibers and plastics, it's extremely durable, eco-friendly, and doesn't require the frequent maintenance that a wooden fence might. Moreover, it resists the common issues associated with wood species like rot, insect damage, and fungal growth. 

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How do I take care of my fencing? 

While composite is designed to be low maintenance, it's always a good idea for homeowners to give it a periodic check. To maintain the fresh, contemporary look of your fence, simply clean with a gentle detergent to remove any debris or dirt. No need for frequent staining or painting like traditional wood fences! It's all about easy care for a lasting impression on your outdoor essentials. 

What color options do I have?

Individuality matters in fence design. At Frame It All, we offer a range of colors that cater to diverse tastes and look great. Choose from rich mahogany for a luxurious touch, sleek slate for a modern aesthetic, rustic driftwood for a natural feel, or the calm undertones of sand. Each shade is curated to enhance your outdoor space, making your fence not just a boundary but an extension of your home's style. 

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