Ponds with Waterfalls

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High-Quality Water Gardening Pond Waterfalls

Frame it All's pond waterfalls are designed for beauty, durability, and ease of installation. These pond and waterfall kits with board edge, liner, and pump allow you to efficiently interconnect the pond and waterfall without wasteful water runoff.

You can cut and bend the frames at any point, allowing for custom shaping, fitting, and placement. In addition, Frame It All has a wide range of shapes, including ovals, slants, and curves, to complement your backyard's unique style. Whatever aesthetic you are looking for, we have the pond waterfall to bring your garden to the next level.

Turn Your Garden Pond into A Beautiful and Effortless Waterfall with Frame It All’s Pond Waterfalls

Ponds are an excellent way to bring new life to your outdoor space. A water garden can bring a personal paradise into your own backyard. With our waterfall ponds, you can enjoy the tranquility of a waterfall without worrying about a cheap pump or faulty filters.

Our beautiful and effortless pond waterfalls are designed to sit in the most dramatic way possible to create the natural look you've been dreaming of. These hydroponic devices and pumps attach directly to water features and produce realistic cascading water sounds for a soothing effect. Use this small pond by itself, or add one of our waterfall features to your existing pond system.

Customize Your Pond Waterfall with Aquatic Vegetation, Logs, and Rocks

Frame It All makes it easy to personalize your pond with numerous aquatic plants and rock formations. The natural look of seaweed, seagrasses, and other plant life helps create a visually pleasing landscape that enhances the functionality of your pond. 

Not sure what looks best in your yard? We have a wide collection of options, allowing you to easily express your personal style through your new water garden. Consider adding logs and rocks to establish a more natural, relaxing aesthetic that turns your yard into an at-home getaway.

We Offer More Than Pond Waterfalls | Refresh Your Yard with Raised Garden Beds and Landscape Edging

At Frame It All, we don't just offer pond waterfall pump kits. We also provide the ability to refresh your yard with raised garden beds and landscape edging to complement your pond with a waterfall kit.

These products will complement your water feature beautifully. They are easy to install and can add an extra dimension of beauty and elegance to any yard, lawn, or patio space!

From pumps to filters and accessories, garden waterfalls require a lot to function properly and provide calm, tranquil waters. Fortunately, we have everything you need to ensure an efficient pump, a smooth waterfall, and a clean pond.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team can answer any questions you have about any of our products. Whether you have questions about which pump to use or which pond waterfall to go with, Frame It All has what you need to bring your backyard goals to life.