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Extensive Collection of Raised Garden Bed Kits

At Frame It All, we make it easy to build a raised bed garden! Your kit comes with everything you need for simple installation. Browse our many designs to find the perfect raised garden bed for your space!

1) Our composite timbers are made from 38% post-consumer food-grade safe recycled plastic and 62% sustainable hardwood fibers. Timbers are designed for durability and will not rot, splinter, or disintegrate.  

    2) Soil temperature and moisture regulating ability because of the boards hollow profile which traps air between the boards walls providing a fantastic insulator providing the soil not to heat up as quickly during very hot days and during cool days trapping heat.

    3) The ability to insert poles into the stakes that connect the boards enabling fencing , trellising and greenhouses to attach to the frame work.

    4) The stake in stake design enables the ability to stack to any height and form terracing.

    5) Hinges- the board connectors hinge enabling garden shapes that fit into unique garden places and enables unique garden designs.

    6) Curved Boards - enables graceful garden borders and unique raised gardens.

    The garden project you’re planning should determine whether you will need our 2” or 1” timbers. Raised garden beds with 3 or more levels, that will contain heavy soils or materials such as stone and gravel will require the heavier 2” profile timbers for their greater durability and structural support. Because the sides of the timbers are thicker, their internal air pockets provide greater insulation for soil and plants against hot summers and cooler fall months. Please see our Board Strength Comparison Chart.

    The sleek design of our 1” profile timbers features a convex upper edge and concave lower edge. When stacked in two or more levels, the timber’s convex long surface fits neatly into the concave surface below to create a strong durable bond. The internal air in the 1” timbers also insulates the soil in hot summers and cooler fall weather. Importantly at their highly affordable cost, the 1” timber’s strength and durability is suited for most raised garden beds!

    It all depends on what you're growing! Please see our Growing Chart.