3 Tiered Raised Garden Beds

Introducing The Customer Favorite 3 Tier Raised Garden Beds

Our 3 tiered raised garden beds are incredibly easy to assemble! Simply slide and snap the brackets into place, and you're raised bed is ready for your herbs, fruits and vegetables! Our 3-tiered beds come in various shapes and sizes, so you can always find what's right for your space. Each board is made of 38% HDPE Plastic and 62% Certified Sustainably Sourced Wood Fibers, making for a sturdy and durable planter box.

Need a recommendation? Look no further…

Fort Knox

This design of the Fort Knox garden bed planter accommodates a wide range of plants by giving options for deeper root depths. Designed with 3 different depths, this means that you can grow taller plants as well as a variety of other plants and vegetables.

Walk-In U-Shape

If you're looking for a raised garden bed that offers easy access to your plants from all sides, the Terraced U-Shape Raised Garden Bed is the right choice for you.

The three tiers of this raised garden bed allow you to grow a lot of food in a small space, while also maximizing the aesthetic appeal of your backyard.

Yosemite Falls

The Yosemite Falls raised garden bed is a great way to show off your plants and make it easy to pick them. It's large enough to display all of your plants, but it doesn't take up much space, so you can place it on a deck or patio.

This elevated garden bed has bold edges that give your garden a sophisticated, natural look. You can place it in a corner or use two kits to create an impressive entrance or to outline a patio area. Like all of our products, the tool-free snap-lock joints make for super easy assembly.

What Makes Frame It All 3 Tier Garden Beds So Great?

Frame it All 3 Tier Garden Beds are a great choice for anyone looking to garden in their backyard. These beds are made from composite boards, which means they're durable and low-maintenance. Unlike cedar or fir wood, composite boards are designed for durability and will last you many years.

Each composite board is made from 97 plastic bottles, making these beds environmentally friendly. You can customize your frame by choosing your own design to suit your garden, patio or balcony.

They're easy to assemble, too! You'll be able to enjoy your new garden bed in no time at all!

You Can Find More Than Just 3 Tier Gardens Here

When you're looking for a garden bed that's going to last, you want something that's going to last. And when it comes to making sure your garden beds are built to stand the test of time, there's no better place to turn than Frame It All.

At Frame It All, we offer a wide range of products and collections. Whether you are looking for 2 tiered garden beds or raised garden beds, we have what you need! We also offer corner garden beds, curved garden beds, or tiered garden beds to create your own personal outdoor space.