Are Metal Garden Beds Worth The Price & Do Metal Beds Hinder Plant Growth?

Are Metal Garden Beds Worth The Price & Do Metal Beds Hinder Plant Growth?

Gardening is a great way to get outdoors, enjoy some fresh air and get a little exercise. But if you don't have a lot of space, it can be tough to get started. One way to make the most of a small space is to build a metal garden bed. Metal garden beds are a great way to add a little bit of height to your garden, which can help you make the most of a small space. They're also very durable, so you don't have to worry about them rotting or falling apart.

Metal garden beds are also relatively inexpensive, so you can get started without breaking the bank. It's important to know the benefits of metal garden beds and how beneficial they can be to both protect your plants and make your gardening a lot easier no matter what time of year you plan to grow your plants and vegetables.

However, we know many of you have questions about these types of beds. Are metal raised garden beds good for growing plants, herbs and vegetables? Are they safe? When should you consider using them? Do metal raised beds hinder plant growth because of their design? Knowing the answers to these and other questions will help you design whether a metal raised garden bed is the right choice to bring your gardening dreams to life.

In this blog, you'll learn:

  • What are metal garden beds and when are they used?
  • How metal garden beds work.
  • If metal garden beds hinder plant growth.
  • How Frame It All can help you choose the best metal garden bed for your garden that helps you continue to grow your plants all year long.

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What Are Metal Garden Beds Used For?

There are many different types of metal garden beds available on the market, and each one has its unique benefits. Metal garden beds are often used to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. They are also commonly used to line walkways, create privacy screens or simply add decoration to a garden. Metal garden beds come in various sizes, shapes and colors, so there is sure to be one perfect for your needs.

When Does It Make Sense To Use a Metal Garden Bed?

There are a few circumstances when it might make sense to use a metal garden bed. If you're gardening in an area with high rainfall, for example, metal beds can help prevent flooding and soil erosion. Metal beds can also be a good choice if you are gardening on a slope as they help stabilize the soil. If you have limited space, metal beds can be a good option as they're often smaller than other types of beds.

What Type of Metal Garden Bed Should I Use?

It can be challenging to decide which type of garden bed to install and to choose the garden bed with the cost that fits your specific gardening needs. There are a variety of metal garden bed styles that you can choose from, so it's important to discuss the benefits and costs associated with each. A few things to consider are:

  • The size and shape of the garden bed.
  • Whether it is elevated, and if so, by how much.
  • The material quality, including how thick it is and whether it has a protective coating.
  • How easy it is to put together the garden bed.
  • Whether you can customize the layout.

Are Metal Garden Beds Safe?

A common misconception of metal beds is that they can leech harmful metals into the soil of your garden bed. Most metal beds are made from a type of galvanized steel that uses zinc for the galvanization process. Zinc leeching is only an issue in acidic environments, and most garden soil will have a neutral pH. Even in acidic conditions, the amount of zinc leeched into the soil has a negligible effect on plant growth and will not be harmful to anyone who consumes these plants.

Do Metal Garden Beds Get Too Hot?

Since metal often feels burning hot on a warm day, it's fair to ask whether it will make the soil too hot and dry to grow - or make the garden bed too hot to touch. The short answer is no. Soil is very good at absorbing and redistributing heat. The soil right next to the garden bed edges will get warmer by a few degrees, but the majority of the soil is not affected. As long as you water your plants sufficiently, you should not have an issue. The metal will feel warm when you touch it but not unbearably hot.

That being said, if you are using a raised bed, the soil will warm up faster since more of it is exposed to the sun. As such, you are generally better off growing more heat-friendly plants in the summer, especially if you live in warmer areas like the Southeast and Midwest.

Benefits of Using a Metal Garden Bed

There are many benefits of using a metal garden bed. Metal garden beds are durable and long-lasting, so you won't have to replace them as often as you would with other materials. They're also easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can move them around your garden easily. Metal garden beds also offer good drainage and aeration, which is important for plant health.

Are Metal Garden Beds Worth The Price?

There is no doubt that metal garden beds are more expensive than their wooden counterparts. But the question is, are they worth the price? The answer is yes if you're looking for durability and low maintenance. Most metal garden beds are made from powder-coated steel or galvanized steel, which makes them resistant to rust, pests and weather damage. They're also relatively lightweight compared to wood or stone and can be moved with ease when empty.

Frame It All Carries An Extensive Collection of Metal Garden Beds To Help You Grow Better

Are you looking to make a raised garden but stuck on the design? VegHerb's 6-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Bed kit is the solution! This garden bed is made with our Aluzinc metal panels and stainless steel hardware. It's strong and durable enough to last for years to come and grow any plant you can think of. Choose from any of the six possible design configurations or add additional metal garden bed kits for even more versatility.

Here are a few of the features the VegHerb's 6-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Bed has that will help you protect your plants from local wildlife:

  • Longevity: Our hot-dip Aluzinc coating is made with aluminum and zinc, and it provides an even more durable surface than our galvanized steel competitors. The Aluzinc material is less likely to chip or flake and resists rusting. In addition, our Aluzinc garden beds will last up to 20 years, so you won't have to replace this garden anytime soon!
  • Safe for Children: VegHerb's metal beds are made with curved corner panels and cap nuts to provide safe corners for you and your children to garden. The included rubber trim can be installed around the top edge of the garden bed to give a soft surface to rest your hands or arms while gardening too!
  • Sustainable: The Aluzinc steel material of VegHerb's raised beds is 100% recyclable and created using an environmentally conscious manufacturing method.
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