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'Machu Picchu' - 10' x 10' Terraced Garden Raised Bed (Quad Tier)

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Product Features

  • The equivalent of 43 single-use plastic bottles are diverted from oceans and landfills to make each 2 ft. 2” Profile composite board!
  • Food-safe composite boards are made from 38% HDPE Plastic and 62% Certified Sustainably Sourced Wood Fibers.
  • 52 square feet of planting area
  • Garden will assemble in a 10’ x 10’ square foot location
  • Create unique designs with 270 degree pivoting brackets.
  • Earth-friendly boards made from recycled plastic are durable and all-weather with a textured wood-grain finish.
  • Durability and low-maintenance – unlike cedar, composite boards are designed for durability. Boards will not rot, splinter or disintegrate. Bug & Termite Resistant.
  • Increase the garden's size and dimensions by adding additional kits.
  • Easy to follow Assembly Instructions included.

  • The 10 x 10 Machu Picchu Raised Garden Bed

    The 10’ x 10’ Machu Picchu Raised Garden Bed is a magnificent Raised Garden Bed that adds terrific eye-appeal and an immense growing space to any garden. Multiple inter-connected deep raised beds set in a 10'x 10' total square feet geometric pattern. With a total growing area of 52 square feet it is the perfect unique raised garden bed and made of food-grade safe recycled plastic!

    Locate this raised bed in the sunniest spot as the focus of your yard. It is not only beautifully impressive but also a highly effective use of space. It has sufficient depth to grow underground veggies like carrots, radishes and turnips, artichoke, arugula, asparagus, lettuce, pole beans, beets, carrots, and cabbage plus herbs as well as tall plants like tomatoes, sunflowers and with the right amount of sun (ideally six or more hours a day), blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries.

    Lightweight & Insulating

    The Frame it All boards are made intentionally light weight to allow anyone to assemble their garden bed without the use of an expensive landscaper. The board and bracket system also connect without any tools, just slide the bracket onto each board end and lock them into place with the snap-lock plugs included. The hollow profile of the board also acts as an excellent insulation barrier as it traps air, keeping your soil and root systems at a constant temperature even during the extremes of the seasons.

    Vermicomposting Made Easy

    Vermicomposting is a great way to reduce your waste and provide your plants with high-quality, nutrient-rich compost. And now, with the Worm it All Composter , it's easier than ever to vermicompost right in your raised garden bed! Simply place your food scraps in the composter, and the worms will find their way to start the composting process. The worms will eat their way through the scraps, turning them into rich compost that's perfect for your plants. With the Worm it All Composter, vermicomposting is simple, efficient, and effective - and your plants will love you for it!

    Why Shop With Frame It All for Your Raised Garden Bed?

    For those with a green thumb, there's nothing quite like the satisfaction of a thriving garden. But not everyone has the time or money to hire a professional landscaper to create their perfect outdoor oasis. That's where Anthony Topping comes in. Topping, a former landscaper, developed the Frame it All modular raised garden bed system to allow his customers to easily construct their own gardens without having to hire an expensive landscaper. And because the boards are made from recycled plastic, they're durable, maintenance-free, and keep our landfills and oceans clean. So whether you're looking for a small herb garden for your kitchen or a large vegetable patch for your backyard, the Frame it All system is the perfect solution.


    “Historic and grand Machu Picchu; declared a Peruvian Historic Sanctuary in 1981 was built by the Incas around 1450 in Southern Peru, on an 8,000 feet high mountain ridge. I was captivated by this awe-inspiring place and designed my magnificent Machu Picchu multi-terraced raised garden bed in its honor. You can easily increase the size of your raised garden bed by adding additional kits which can stack and connect to expand your garden over time? It’s so easy. No need to move soil – just stack onto your raised garden and fill with more soil or, to increase the length swing out one side board and add additional boards." – Anthony

    Machu Picchu Garden Parts List:

    for SKU's: 200001450, 200001451, 200001452, 200001453, 200001496

    • 72 - 20.75 Inch Long Composite Raised Garden Bed Straight Boards
    • 144 -Snap-Lock Raised Garden Bed Stacking Brackets 
    • 72 - Stacking Stakes 
    • 24 - Solid Finishing Caps 
    • 288 -Plugs / Locking Nubs 
    • Soil Recommendation: 58.67 Cubic Feet

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