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'Circle Keyhole Garden' - 9' x 9' Raised Bed with Composter

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Product Features

  • The equivalent of 97 single-use plastic bottles are diverted from oceans and landfills to make each 4 ft. 2” Profile composite board!
  • Food-safe composite boards are made from 38% HDPE Plastic and 62% Certified Sustainably Sourced Wood Fibers.
  • 48 square feet of growing area
  • Garden will assemble in a 9'x 9' Square Foot Area
  • Snap-Lock Brackets – simply slide and snap
  • Composite Boards feature textured finish that blends into any environment
  • Limited Lifetime (registration required) / 5-year warranty (no registration required)
  • Durability and low-maintenance – unlike cedar, composite boards are designed for durability. Boards will not rot, splinter or disintegrate. Bug & Termite Resistant.
  • Easy to install

  • The Curved 9 x 9 Circle keyhole Raised Garden Bed

    If you're looking for a garden bed that's easy to maintain and offers all the benefits of composting, the 9' x 9' Circle Keyhole Raised Garden Bed is perfect for you. This garden bed has a composter area located directly in its center, so there's no need to move around heavy compost throughout the season. Just add kitchen scraps and lawn clippings and watch your plants thrive. The keyhole design also allows for maximum airflow, which helps to accelerate the decomposition process. So not only will you be saving time and effort, but you'll also be providing your plants with the best possible growing conditions.

    Trellis gardening & animal barriers

    Have you ever planted a garden, only to have it raided by critters overnight? It's frustrating, and can feel like all your hard work was for nothing. But there is a solution! Our Animal Barrier Kit is designed to keep unwanted animals out of your garden, so you can enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor. The kit includes everything you need to build a fence around your garden, and it's easy to set up. Just install the animal barrier directly into the joints of your Frame it All raised garden bed and your garden will be protected.

    A Veggie Wall Kit is the perfect addition to any raised garden bed. It can be installed quickly and easily and provides a strong support for climbing plants. The nylon mesh trellis netting is durable and will last for years, while the stainless-steel framework is rust-resistant and can support even the heaviest fruits and vegetables. With our Veggie Wall kit, you can grow healthy, delicious tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons without fear of them falling and breaking. Order yours today and start enjoying fresh, home-grown produce all season long!

    Know before you grow

    Our Know Grow Guide is an essential resource for any gardener, providing vital information on everything from soil amendment to choosing the best plants for your garden bed. The guide's Plants Friends & Enemies chart is especially useful, detailing which plants benefit from being planted next to each other and which should be avoided. With this valuable information at your fingertips, you can ensure that your garden is healthy and thriving.

    Customize your modular garden bed

    Our composite raised garden bed boards are the perfect solution for anyone looking to start their own garden. The hollow profile of the boards traps air to better insulate your soil, and the brackets pivot 270 degrees to allow endless customization options. With our raised garden beds, you'll be able to create the perfect environment for your plants to thrive. Plus, our composite material is rot-resistant and low-maintenance, so you won’t need to replace your garden bed any time soon.

    There are countless numbers of landscapes and preferences for raised garden beds. That's why we offer a wide range of customizable options for our raised garden beds. With our 3D design tool, Design it All, you can choose the perfect size, shape, and style for your garden. Plus, you can select from a variety of plants, profiles, and accessory kits to add in. Best of all, our team of experts is always on hand to answer any questions and help you bring your vision to life. So what are you waiting for? Design the raised garden bed of your dreams today!

    Why Shop With Frame It All for Your keyhole Garden Bed?

    When Anthony Topping was working as a landscaper, he noticed that many of his clients were hesitant to invest in beautiful gardens and landscapes because they feared the high cost of professional fees. Inspired to find a solution, Topping designed the Frame it All modular raised garden bed system. The system is easy to use and allows anyone to build a wide variety of landscape edgings and gardens, without having to rely on expensive professionals. In addition, the modular nature of the system means that it can be easily customized to fit any space, making it the perfect solution for any gardening need.


    “The Circle Keyhole was our first raised garden bed inspired by African Keyhole gardens. The central location of the composter takes full advantage of the advantages of vermicomposting. When I setup my own Circle Keyhole Garden I was able to easily reuse all my lawn clippings." – Anthony

    Circle Keyhole Garden Parts List: 2 Level

    for SKU's: 300002092, 300002903, 300002905, 300002907, 300002908

    • 10- 44.50 Inch Long Composite Raised Garden Bed Straight Boards
    • 12- 44.50 Inch Long Composite Raised Garden Bed 45 Degree Curved Boards
    • 44- Snap-Lock Raised Garden Bed Stacking Brackets
    • 22- Stacking Stakes
    • 11- Solid Finishing Caps
    • 3- Finishing Sleeves
    • 88- Plugs / Locking Nubs
    • Soil Recommended: 43.14 Cubic Feet

    Instruction Manual

    Circle Keyhole Garden Parts List: 3 Level

    for SKU's: 300001092, 300001903, 300001905, 300001907, 300001908

    • 15 - 44.50 Inch Long Composite Raised Garden Bed Straight Boards
    • 18 - 44.50 Inch Long Composite Raised Garden Bed 45 Degree Curved Boards
    • 66 - Snap-Lock Raised Garden Bed Stacking Brackets
    • 33 - Stacking Stakes
    • 11 - Solid Finishing Caps
    • 6 - Finishing Sleeves
    • 132-Plugs / Locking Nubs
    • Soil Recommended: 75.37 Cubic Feet

    Instruction Manual

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