Why You Need a Water Garden

Why You Need a Water Garden

Therapeutic benefits

Ever notice how every spa has water features? It isn’t a coincidence! You don’t need research and studies to tell you this, although there are many, but having water nearby or hearing water can relieve stress and provide a peaceful environment. Enjoy a quiet moment to yourself, romantic backyard dinners or being the talk of the neighborhood with a water garden in your space. 

Benefits for you and your plants

Moving water releases negative ions in the atmosphere which help purify the air. You have experienced the impact these ions have if you’ve ever walked outside after a rainstorm and taken a deep breath. A water garden produces a continual stream of negatively charged ions that help to remove toxins and impurities from the atmosphere - providing fresh, purified air for you, your family, your pets and your plants in the rest of your garden!

Biodiversity? Check! 

Adding water to your garden makes it very attractive to birds and other wildlife. Running water is particularly attractive to birds. A water garden can provide a habitat for a whole new palate of plants that will also attract a whole range of aquatic wildlife, such as frogs, dragonflies and fish. Additionally, this added biodiversity will help the overall ecosystem in your backyard. 

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