The Right Privacy Fence Height

The Right Privacy Fence Height

The Perfect Fence Height for Your Property

Whatever the reason for a property fence, choosing the correct height is important. Too short a fence won't do its job while too tall a fence wastes money on unnecessary materials - not to mention your town may not allow it.

There are three main reasons to put a fence around your property or garden. One is for privacy - i.e. keeping people from spying on you as well as stopping animals and trespassers. The second purpose is a simple boundary fence to demarcate your yard, garden or pool. The third is to prevent children and pets from wandering away. Depending on what you're building the fence for, different heights may be ideal. Let's look at the best height for each type of fence.

Privacy Fence Sizes

In a busy neighborhood, a privacy fence can give you some needed solitude, keeping away intruders, large animals and prying eyes. How tall should a privacy fence be? We recommend a minimum height of six feet, which will be tall enough for most humans and animals. If you live in an area with a lot of white-tailed deer (or a lot of tall people), you might want a privacy fence height of seven or eight feet. Check with your municipality and homeowner's association (HOA) to confirm whether this fence height is allowed and secure any necessary permits.

Boundary Fence Heights

When the purpose of your fence is simply to mark the boundary between your property and your neighbors or the main street, the fence doesn't always need to be as tall. On less-developed and more rural properties, a three-foot high fence may be enough. Those who live in suburban areas may want a five- or six-foot fence. Again, local zoning laws and HOA rules may play a factor. Marker fences also have more options for materials. Privacy fences should be made of wood, vinyl or composites with minimal gaps, boundary fences can be made of steel, aluminum, chainlike and other materials.

Keeping Kids and Pets In

When you have young children and/or curious pets, a fence can be an essential safety feature. The right fence height will allow them to play with minimal supervision since you don't have to worry about them running off. A four-foot high fence is usually enough to keep kids and dogs from climbing or jumping over. If you own a larger dog breed or one that jumps high, you may need a six-foot fence. Wood, composite and panel fences are a smart choice for kid and pet fences because they don't have grips for climbing or gaps to slip through.

Find a New Fence at Frame It All

With Cap Composite Fencing, you can design the perfect fence for any application. Privacy fencing, individual pickets and pre-assembled fence panels provide many options to suit your needs. Most of our panels and pickets are six feet tall, but you can get 360 Cap Composite Pickets with four-foot and eight-foot heights, too. These sustainable fence materials have a 30-year warranty!

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