The Importance of Safety Surfacing on Playgrounds

The Importance of Safety Surfacing on Playgrounds

As any parent knows, playgrounds can be a hotbed of activity, with kids climbing, sliding, and running around. But along with the fun comes the risk of injury, which is why it's important to make sure your playground has proper safety surfacing. There are a variety of materials that can be used for safety surfacing, including mulch, rubber tiles, and poured-in-place rubber. 


Which Groups Are Most At-Risk For Falls, Slips, & Accidents on Playgrounds without Safety Surfacing Materials? 

There are certain groups of people who are more at risk for falls, slips, and trips than others. These groups include the elderly, young children, people with disabilities, and those who work in hazardous occupations. Falls, slips, and trips are the leading cause of injuries in the workplace, so it's important to be aware of the risks if you work in a hazardous occupation. If you're in one of these at-risk groups, you can reduce your risk of injury by taking precautions such as using safety equipment and being aware of your surroundings.


According to the CDC, “[w]hile all children who use playgrounds are at risk for injury, girls sustain injuries (55%) slightly more often than boys (45%)". In addition to this surprising statistic, the CDC also reports that, “Children ages 5 to 9 have higher rates of emergency department visits for playground injuries than any other age group. Most of these injuries occur at school.” (Phelan 2001).


Which Accidents Occur Most Often on Playgrounds? 

Every year, there are over 200,000 playground-related accidents in the United States. The most common playground accidents are slips and falls, which account for about 70% of all playground injuries. Most of these accidents are caused by wet or icy surfaces, poor lighting, or debris on the ground. Head injuries are also common on playgrounds and can occur when kids fall off of playground equipment or collide with other kids.

Did you know that nearly “45% of playground-related injuries are severe–fractures, internal injuries, concussions, dislocations, and amputations.” (Tinsworth 2001).


What is Safety Surfacing?

Safety Surfacing is a material used to provide a safe playing surface for children. Safety surfacing helps to avoid accidents on unitary surfaces and/or loose-fill surfaces that are usually seen on playgrounds and play areas. 


It is usually used in playgrounds, but can also be used in other areas such as pools and trampoline parks. There are different types of safety surfacing, each with its own benefits. For example, rubber mulch is a popular choice because it is soft and absorbs impact well. However, it can be expensive to install and maintenance can be difficult.


What are the Benefits of Safety Surfacing?

There are many benefits of safety surfacing, including reducing the risk of serious injury in the event of a fall. Safety surfacing can also help to reduce noise levels and provide a more comfortable walking surface. In addition, safety surfacing can help to extend the life of your playground equipment by protecting it from wear and tear.

Safety surfacing allows you to: 

  • Protect kids and adults who might slip or fall on your playground
  • Protect your organization/school’s investment for years to come 
  • Add traction to surfaces that may otherwise leave minors and youth susceptible to dangerous accidents


What Tools Do You Need To Safety Surface Your Playground?

In order to safety surface your playground area, it’s important to use the highest quality materials and tools such as playground borders. Playground Borders help you to safety surface your playground by creating a defined edge between the playground area and the rest of the yard. This helps to keep children safe by preventing them from falling off of the playground equipment. Borders also help to keep mulch and other materials in place, which can save you time and money in the long run.


Easy to install, safe for play, all-season durable, and attractive in any yard, the Frame It All playground border system is changing the way playground borders are being built. If you've been struggling with how to build a playground border, the simple assembly of Frame It All will save you time and effort! You won't waste hours lugging heavy lumber, hammering massive steel stakes, aligning seams, and measuring angles.

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