The Benefits of a Raised Garden Bed

The Benefits of a Raised Garden Bed

Are you still trying to decide whether a raised garden bed is right for your garden? The experts at Frame It All can help! Here are six benefits of raised garden beds for planters of all skill levels.

1. Pest and Animal Protection

Nobody wants their beautiful flowers and vegetables to become chow for wildlife. A raised garden bed makes pest control so much easier. They make it harder for animals to climb into the garden, and you can add wire reinforcements, fences and other animal barriers to keep out everything from voles to deer.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

A garden should add beauty to your landscape as well as function. Choosing raised beds will give you more design possibilities. Create different shapes such as circles and stars or use tiers to enhance the look. The raised bed can be the centerpiece of a larger area with pathways and birdbaths. As a bonus, raised garden beds contain the spread of plants so everything looks tidy.

3. Fewer Weeds

No gardener wants weeds ruining their plants. Raised garden beds keep weeds out in several ways. For starters, the bags of fresh soil you add to a raised bed don't contain weed seeds. The soil is also looser than an in-ground garden; this allows for closer planting, which means less room for weeds to sprout. The walls surrounding the garden help stop other landscape weeds from creeping in.

4. More Growing Space

Do you want to garden but feel confined by a small backyard? Raised beds can come to your rescue. They let you maximize available space and extend upward using deep garden beds, trellises and more. With a self-contained raised garden bed, you can grow plants on the patio or hardscapes, transforming these barren areas into a gardening oasis.

5. Extended Season Due to Warmer Soil

Another advantage of raised garden beds is that, since more of the soil is exposed to the sun, the soil will warm up quicker and stay warm longer. This lets you start planting in early spring and keep the growing season going well into fall. You can also add a covering that turns the raised bed into a small cold-frame greenhouse for year-round growing in certain climates.

6. Less Soil Erosion

Extreme weather conditions such as hard rain, sleet and heavy wind are known to cause soil deterioration. In raised garden beds, the frame acts as a blockade that contains the soil, keeping more of it available to your plants. Looser, well-aerated soil is also less prone to erosion than compact ground soil because it retains more water, which reduces runoff.

Find Your Dream Raised Garden Bed at Frame It All

Once you're ready to get started with raised backyard gardening, shop at Frame It All for a huge selection of raised garden beds in numerous sizes, shapes and heights. We have composite and galvanized metal garden beds that let you plant what you want and have fun doing it!

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