Take Your Landscaping To The Next Level

Take Your Landscaping To The Next Level

Outdoor spaces can often reflect the personalities of those who work on them. Wild. Easy-going. Clean and proper. The possibilities are endless and imaginations can often run awry. 

Read on to find out easy and affordable ways to achieve the landscaping of your dreams. 

Embrace Shapes

It’s often easy to get stuck on one idea of what a garden or a yard should look like, but it’s important to keep an open mind and always strive to let creativity play a role in outdoor spaces. While trees and plants have shapes of their own, there are other aspects of gardening that allow space for imagination and freedom with shapes as well. Landscape Edging is one way Frame It All makes it easy to navigate shapes in a garden. The modular technique of the edging lets both straight and curved lines create beautifully clean spaces. 

If you have a naturally curved focal point (like a pond or water feature) use curved shapes in your landscape edging. For more formal shapes (like a squared off English garden) you’ll want the accent elements (paths, beds, etc.) to have more angular shapes that compliment the feel of the focal area.

Choose a Focal Point

Professional landscapers know the secret to an elegant design is choosing a focal point. This might be your home, your front door, a solarium, gazebo or formal garden. All other elements in your yard should visually ‘flow’ toward the focal point to create a harmonized, single landscape composition.

Focal points serve an important role in telling a story with an outdoor design. The first thing a passerby notices is the focal feature. Once the interest is concentrated there, the eye starts to branch out and notice the other plants and features and the garden as whole. The garden is slowly discovered rather than quickly swept through.

Get the Landscape Edging Right

Why is landscape edging important and needed? Imagine putting all of the love and time into creating beautiful spaces by planting plants and putting down mulch to be destroyed by grass creeping in and destroying your vision. Landscape edging stops said intrusions and keeps everything in their dedicated places. 

Now that you know why landscape edging is important, do you know the difference between each type? There are two types of edging: flush-to-the-ground and above-ground. Flush edging - whether wood, plastic or metal - has two drawbacks. First, it can rot over time due to contact with soil. Second, it doesn’t do as good of a job keeping the mulch, soil or pea stone out of the grass. We recommend above ground edging because it does a better job of keeping lawn, walkways and beds separated.

Have Fun and Think Outside the Box

While you want a clean and eloquent space that everyone can gawk at and compliment you on, remember that your garden is a space for you to enjoy more than anything else. Keep in mind that it should be a space that makes you feel happy and calm and provides you with serenity. Take advantage of the ever-changing landscape through the seasons and enjoy colorful Springs and Summers, while being grateful for green Falls and Winters by growing veggies and leafy greens. This garden is your garden - be proud of it and cherish its potential!

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