How to Squirrel Proof your Garden

How to Squirrel Proof your Garden

There are few things more fun than growing a beautiful garden - and few things more devasting than watching squirrels devour them. Are you pulling your hair out trying to stop squirrels from rummaging through your precious vegetables and flowers? Here are some tips on how to keep squirrels out of your garden without causing any harm to your garden or its furry visitors.


Squirrels are known for their ability to skirt fencing, but there are a couple of options. You can surround smaller areas with cage-style fencing or squirrel netting from a garden supplier, though doing so in larger gardens will be expensive and unattractive. Putting a floating cover over individual garden rows also deters squirrels since they don't like the feeling of being confined.

Protect Plants with Mesh and Cloches

Even if you can't protect the entire garden, you can shield individual plants using special coverings known as cloches. Mesh covers are effective for leafy vegetables and keep out other animals like deer and birds. Another option is cheesecloth, which can be hung over larger rows while still letting sun and moisture in.

Motion-Detecting Deterrents

Putting in sprinklers and other devices that operate based on motion sensing is another way of preventing squirrels from entering your garden. However, this is a short-term solution, as squirrels have shown the ability to adapt to these deterrents - plus, you risk overwatering the plants.

Annoy Them with Sound

Another option for how to stop squirrels from eating plants is to get some noisemakers. Add some wind chimes, ultrasonic frequency emitters and other devices to keep squirrels away. Again, though, this may be temporary due to the adaptability of squirrels.

Use Fake Snakes and Fake Owls

There are always good old-fashioned scare tactics for squirrel prevention. Snakes and owls are common squirrel predators, so putting some rubber snakes and resin owls may be effective. You will need to move them around each day to give the illusion of movement.

Use Pets Such as a Cat or Dog

You may already have a watch animal for the house - so have one for the garden, too. When cats and/or dogs are prowling around the yard, squirrels will feel a lot less comfortable trying to infiltrate the garden. Just remember to clear away any loose pet food as this will attract them when the pets come in for the night.

Grow Plants That Squirrels Hate

Although squirrels enjoy many plants humans like, others are known to drive them away with their flavors and/or smell. Some plants that can help keep squirrels away include garlic, onions, geraniums, hot peppers, daffodils and peppermint. Of course, you should only plant these if they fit within your larger gardening goals.

Raised Garden Beds with Fences

Our Animal Barrier Raised Garden Beds are one way to prevent squirrels in the garden. The mesh fencing is made of high-quality materials, and you can hang netting across the top for further protection. Combine it with any of the methods discussed above to make your garden squirrel-free this summer.

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