Honoring A Loved One In Your Garden

Honoring A Loved One In Your Garden

Whether it is a loved one or a beloved pet, adjusting to the loss of either can take time. One great way to honor that loved one and to keep their memories alive is with a Memory Garden. A special spot in your yard or garden dedicated to that person or pet. Here are several ideas for you to work on this Memorial Day weekend. Have a wonderful time, be safe and don't forget to wear reef safe sunscreen!

  • Our first suggestion for you would be to go to your loved one's garden and transplant one or more of their gorgeous plants into your own home garden. Picking a spot that maybe you have shared a beautiful memory with them, in your garden or yard.  If that is just not possible, then planting one of their favorite flowers or plants would be another great option.  If your loved one really enjoyed roses and their favorite color is pink, then planting several different bushes, in different shades of pink would be a great way to honor them.
  • Another way to honor your loved one would be to find a plant or flower that has their name in the name of the plant. You might choose a Lily, or an Iris.  Many roses now also have names that might be appropriate as well.  Planting them in your yard, maybe every year, on special or specific day, creates an Honor Garden broadened by love over the years.
  • One additional way that you can honor your departed loved one would be by planting a Memorial Tree. You can do this in your yard or sometimes cities in their public parks and/or public walking or hiking trails will have a Memorial Tree planting section available as an option.  Call your local Parks and Recreation department and find out if that is an option!
  • The last suggestion would be to plant a red, white and blue flower garden to bloom together and represent the colors of the US flag. Thus honoring the general service of the men and women over the years who have given their lives for the freedoms that we enjoy.  Use flowers like red and white tulips and blue salvia.  It can be as simple as that or you can make it much more elaborate.  You are only limited by your creativity!

Whichever way that you decide to create your Memory Garden, one last suggestion might be to include a plaque with a picture, or a favorite saying of your loved one. This tailors and personalizes the garden or tree specifically for you and your family members to enjoy year after year.

If you have any pictures or suggestions as to how you have created your own Memorial Garden in your yard, please go to our Facebook page, and share these with us. Thanks you so much for spending just a little bit of your valuable time with us this month.

I would like to end this post with the deepest gratitude for all of the men and woman who have fought for and who have given their lives for the protection of our liberties and freedoms that we enjoy every moment of every day. We honor your service and as well as your sacrifices, your lives and your families, who have shared you with us. Thank you.

Happy Memorial Day 2016!

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