Fencing for Pool Ideas

Fencing for Pool Ideas

Pool Privacy Fence Ideas

There's nothing like a summer afternoon entertaining friends by your backyard pool or going for a relaxing solo swim - unless you have nosy neighbors watching every move. Adding the right pool fence can give you privacy and security to enjoy the water in peace. But what fence should you use? Browse our fencing for pool ideas to get the inspiration you need for a summer of fun.

What Is a Pool Privacy Fence?

At its core, a swimming pool privacy fence is a way to block off access and views of your pool. However, it can be set up in many ways and serve other purposes. You can place a privacy fence around the pool deck or the entire backyard. You might also put up a fence as a partition between other yard features. The right pool fence can stop kids and pets from wandering off or prevent branches and other debris from blowing into the pool.

Once you've decided what you want the fence to do, it's time to pick a material and design. Here are some common and unique options when designing a pool with a privacy fence.

Common Pool Fence Options

Many people use metal fences such as chain-link, mesh, "London-style" wrought iron or aluminum picket fences. These fences are functional as a boundary market and can look quite attractive in some cases. However, the large gaps between the wires and bars mean they don't offer much if any privacy.

Wood is a popular pool privacy fence choice because it's affordable. The problem is that wood is prone to rotting, warping and leaning over time. These things are even more likely to happen with the fence being near water. Not to mention there can still be large gaps between the boards for people to stare through.

Unique Pool Fence Options

If you want true privacy with long-lasting materials, a vinyl fence or composite fencing is a great choice. These materials have excellent moisture resistance and are often sold as solid panels, meaning no way for nosy eyes, animals or debris to get in. In the case of Frame It All composite fences such as the Riviera Privacy Fence, they are made of sustainable recycled materials that look like real wood. You can get many colors, styles and heights of composite and vinyl fencing, adding curb appeal along with privacy.

Privacy Fence Ideas for Pool Equipment

You may also want a fence to hide pool equipment such as your filter and pump. A composite pool equipment fence will prevent these things from being an eyesore on your property and offer some protection against hard winds and winter snow. Cap Composite Preassembled Fence Panels are a fast, reliable and good-looking privacy fence for pool equipment.. If you don't need a tall fence or want more customization options, individual fence pickets are available in four-foot heights.

Are you still looking for pool fence ideas? Browse our full selection of composite fencing or call Frame It All at (800) 914-9835 to chat with an expert.

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