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Color Fade Resistant

Termite, Fungus, Bacteria Resistant

Moisture & Mold Resistant

Salt Erosion Resistant

30 Year Warranty

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Cleaning our Planet, One
Picket at a Time

Over 16 billion pounds of plastic waste enter our oceans and natural habitats every year. At Frame it All, we repurpose plastics that would otherwise end up in landfills and oceans by crafting them into high-quality composite products, giving them a second life.

A single Cap Picket Panel diverts over 40 pounds of recycled plastic from our natural environments.Check out our full style selection of composite fencing here.

Benefits of our 360
Cap Coating

No Staining or Painting

Our Proprietary Cap Coat provides a beautiful wood finish without ever needing to paint or stain.

30+ Year Lifespan

Unlike wood fences, our Cap Fence Pickets resist rot, bacteria, color fading, and insects. This means that you'll have a beautiful fence standing strong for 5 times the average life span of a wooden fence.


Our Cap Composite fence boards are made with a combination of recycled HDPE plastic and sustainably sourced wood fiber.

Step 1

Recycled milk jugs and shampoo bottles are shredded into smaller pieces

Step 2

These pieces are mixed with coloring and melted into colored pellets

Step 3

Colored pellets are mixed with recycled wood-fiber and Co-extruded as fenceboards with protective caps

Step 4

Fence boards are assembled into panels of various styles or packagedindividually

Here's our Process:

Premium food-grade HDPE and wood fiber are combined to make a strong and resistant composite mixture. This composite is then formed into strong, weather resistant fence boards that are truly beautiful and easy to maintain.

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