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4' x 8' Keyhole Garden Raised Bed

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Product Features

  • The equivalent of 97 single-use plastic bottles are diverted from oceans and landfills to make each 4 ft. 2” Profile composite board!
  • Food-safe composite boards are made from 38% HDPE Plastic and 62% Certified Sustainably Sourced Wood Fibers.
  • Snap-Lock Brackets – simply slide and snap
  • Composite Boards feature textured finish that blends into any environment
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Raised Bed (registration required) / 5-year warranty (no registration required)
  • Worm it All Composting Box - 1 Year-Warranty
  • Durability and low-maintenance – unlike cedar, composite boards are designed for durability. Boards will not rot, splinter or disintegrate. Bug & Termite Resistant.

  • This large 4’ x 8’ Keyhole raised garden bed is a garden for the whole family to enjoy. It is the perfect place to start developing your gardening skills while also enabling you to recycle your kitchen and yard scraps. The Worm it All Composting Box provides enriched soil to your entire Raised Garden Bed by attracting worms that are key in the composting process. Soil enhanced by compost holds more moisture meaning less watering and more harvesting!

    Worms feed on plant debris (dead roots, leaves, grasses, manure) and soil. Their digestive system concentrates the organic and mineral constituents in the food they eat, so their casts are rich in available nutrients. Worms often leave their nutrient-rich casts in their tunnels, providing a favorable environment for plant root growth. The extensive channeling and burrowing by earthworms loosens and aerates the soil. The tunnels allow roots to penetrate deeper into the soil, where they can reach extra moisture and nutrients. Nitrogen in the casts is readily available to plants.

    With 32 square feet of available planting area to develop your skills, there is ample room to grow a good variety of your favorite veggies, herbs or flowers; from luscious tomatoes to fragrant herbs or a complete salsa or spaghetti sauce garden.

    Perhaps you are an experienced hobby farmer who likes to can preserves, harvest seeds or flowers to sell at markets or on-line? This raised garden is the perfect size for dedicated crops of strawberries or special flowers like zinnias, that you can easily cross-pollinate to make your own seed varieties.

    It would greatly benefit your business to set up several of these beds for succession planting if you’d like to grow flowers for cutting, so you will have them available right at their peak all season.

    Access our Know Grow Guide which shows how to grow the same amount of produce in only one quarter of the garden space compared to conventional gardening and much more extremely helpful information for gardeners of all levels of expertise! The guide’s Plant, Friends and Enemies chart shows you how to mix and match your plantings, listing all plants that happily coexist together by height and compatibility and how to space them apart.

    By adding our stack and extend, versatile Veggie Wall , to your raised bed you will increase the growing area by 200% creating perfect growing conditions to cultivate cucumbers, pole beans or flowering vines like clematis, morning glory and scarlet runner beans. The durable framework of stainless-steel with nylon mesh netting is strong enough to support heavy fruits and vegetables like beef-steak tomatoes, cucumbers and melons. With no need for bending or crouching, harvesting and maintenance is a breeze.

    Rabbits, dogs, cats and other garden pests can decimate your hard-won crop of ready to eat produce overnight. Protect your raised garden bed with our Animal Barrier. It slots into the corner and side joints of your raised bed to create a tough barrier to keep out marauding garden pests. The gated stainless-steel frame and heavy-duty rigid plastic mesh is built to last and won’t flop, rust or rot. The easy-access gate makes it simple to tend to your garden without any leaning or reaching. Purchase multiple kits to expand the protection to any dimension, or stack to any height.

    Your kit comes with everything you need except the soil and plants. Each modular kit includes composite boards, snap-lock stacking brackets and snap-lock 4-way bracing brackets for 2 and 3 level keyhole beds. The open-channel boards trap air, providing insulation to your soil, regulating your soil temperature. The warm soil in spring means you can plant earlier and because the soil remains warm later into fall it extends your growing season. The insulated board walls also keep your soil from drying out which reduces the need for water.

    Stacking brackets allow you to install the additional layers of your garden just by inserting the stakes into the brackets below. Our patented snap-lock brackets simply slide onto each end of a board and fasten securely with snap-lock buttons. Brackets pivot 270 degrees, allowing endless design options or by accessing our Design It All 3D Tool you can create a garden of your own unique design.

    As your garden needs and expertise grow you can add on to your modular raised bed any time by purchasing additional kits, boards or snap-lock stacking brackets to stack or extend your garden. Curved composite boards are also available to incorporate into your design.

    Did you know? You can grow up to 32 different plants inside your 4’ x 8’ garden using “Square Foot Gardening” techniques. There are countless books and online resources available to guide you in this rewarding method of gardening.

    The Frame It All system of modular raised garden beds, borders, sandboxes and accessories was designed by our founder, Anthony Topping. As a professional landscape designer who spent many years creating high-end gardens in the Tri-State New York area, he felt there had to be a way to give homeowners the ability to easily create quality landscaping features and gardens for much less than paying a professional.


    "The African keyhole garden is where we found our inspiration for the Frame it All Keyhole garden series. We have classic keyhole design shapes along with converting any raised garden into a keyhole garden with the addition of our Worm it All composting. The ingenuity of the African Keyhole garden is its central placement of a composter within the raised garden bed itself." - Anthony


    Classic Sienna 4ft. Straight 1in. Boards Include Brown Brackets

    Weathered Wood 4ft. Straight 1in. Boards Include Black Brackets

    Uptown Brown 4ft. Straight 1in. Boards Include Black Brackets

    Classic Sienna 4 foot Straight 2 inch Boards include Brown Brackets

    Weathered Wood 4 foot Straight 2 inch Boards include Gray Brackets


    4'x8' Keyhole Garden Parts List: 2 Level

    for SKU's: 300001064-W, 300001091-W, 300001422-W, 300001423-W, 300002092-W

    • 2- Worm It All Composter Boxes
    • 13- 44.50 Inch Long Composite Raised Garden Bed Straight Boards
    • 22- Snap-Lock Raised Garden Bed Stacking Brackets
    • 4- Snap-Lock Raised Garden Bed 4 Way Bracing Brackets
    • 12- Stacking Stakes
    • 6- Solid Finishing Caps
    • 52- Plugs / Locking Nubs
    • Soil Recommendation: 29.34 Cubic Feet

    4'x8' Instruction Manual

    Worm It All Instruction Manual

    4'x8' Keyhole Garden Parts List: 3 Level

    for SKU's: 300001066-W, 300001097-W, 300001440-W, 300001442-W, 300003092-W

    • 2- Worm It All Composter Boxes
    • 20- 44.50 Inch Long Composite Raised Garden Bed Straight Boards
    • 34-Snap-Lock Raised Garden Bed Stacking Brackets
    • 8- Snap-Lock Raised Garden Bed 4 Way Bracing Brackets
    • 18- Stacking Stakes
    • 6- Solid Finishing Caps
    • 76- Plugs / Locking Nubs
    • Soil Recommendation: 44.01 Cubic Feet

    4'x8' Instruction Manual

    Worm It All Instruction Manual

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