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SHIPMENT DELAY NOTICE: Click for more details
SHIPMENT DELAY NOTICE: Click for more details

Product Description

The saw-toothed barbs along the anchor stake secure your raised garden or garden edging to the ground and are strong enough to resist frost-heave. Anchor brackets are especially useful for landscape borders which are generally long runs of boards that don’t connect into a loop or square. The barbed stake will stabilize your edging against frost pushout or from being loosened by mowers or any human disturbance.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (registration required)/ 5-year warranty (no registration required)
  • Easy to install

Kit Includes

  • 4 - Screw-Type Design 2" Raised Garden Bed Anchor Brackets (Brown)
  • 2 - Anchor Stakes (Black)
  • 2 - Solid Finishing Caps (Brown)
  • 8 - Assembly Screws (Black)

Warranty Information & Registration

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