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Product Description

Give a professional finish to your landscape edging or borders, or any straight run of boards and brackets that don’t connect into a closed shape. Finishing sleeves complete the first and last brackets in any straight run, making up for the gap left by the ‘missing’ half of a bracket. You may also require additional 2” finishing caps to complete your finished look.

One 2-pack is enough to finish any straight run of boards, no matter the length.

Did you know? Finishing Sleeves can also be used to create spaces between boards. Build a compost bin, or low fence by using finishing sleeves in unique ways. Plan for one finishing sleeve per bracket for every ‘space’ level required.


  • Compatible with any 2” stacking or 2" anchor bracket
  • Provides a professional finish
  • Use for borders and edging
  • Create ‘spaces’ between levels

Kit Includes

  • 2” Finishing Sleeves (2-Pack Brown)