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SHIPMENT DELAY NOTICE: Click for more details
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The ‘2' x 4' Waterfall Kit’ is a great option for anyone wanting to add an eye-catching feature to their pond! Introduce the relaxing sound of running water to your backyard with this beautiful, 2-tiered waterfall attachment. Simply construct your waterfall frame, fill with dirt, and line it! Discover the joy of finding just the right stones for your waterfall landscape!

Frame it All’s Waterfall kits are designed to butt up to an existing pond or be connected directly into a Frame it all pond with the use of our 4-way brackets sold separately.

Shapes are flexible and easy to maneuver.

Waterfalls Made Easy

Building a waterfall is a cinch with Frame It All because it interconnects pond basin with the raised area. This provides rigidity to the entire framework and prevents separation of the liner between the two. It is a superior method over sculpted soils that shift and leak over time. The structurally rigid edge ensures the water level in spillway is accurate. Creativity is easy without having to worrying about the path of the water.

Water is essential to all living things and its presence in the garden is magical no matter the size. Even the smallest pool will reflect the sky and the soft clouds above. Surrounding plants that may be around the water garden or dangling over it will add an additional element of charm. Any passer by looking for a drink will welcome the stop. Beyond that there is an exciting world of plants to discover that enhance the garden pond. The popularity of water gardening is bustling worldwide.

Circulation is not required to maintain a healthy garden pond, but the addition of a waterfall and circulation adds other elements of movement and charm that are undisputedly appealing. Light on the water creates a sparkling dance that feels cool on a hot summer day. In the stark winter months, the light reflects off the water and ice formations come and go as the temperatures change. The soothing sound of waterfalls furthers the call. The gentle sounds add another element of allure. The sound softens and disguises less favorable noise like traffic to set a scenario of peace and harmony.

There is plenty of science to support the benefits of water on our physical and mental health. There is a legitimate sense of peace and relaxation that accompanies watching water movement. That movement purifies the surrounding air and helps eliminate dust, pollen, and other allergens. So beyond hearing and seeing water move there really are unseen health benefits.

Water attracts and sustains an abundant amount of wildlife. Bees, butterflies, dragonflies, water boatmen and water skates come immediately to mind. Birds love to bath and drink in a water garden pool or pond. Providing a resting place next to shallow water will allow them to drink safely. Frogs, toads, and salamanders will seek water for breeding. Nothing excites most children more than handling small tadpoles. Small mammals will also come. Squirrels, chipmunks, and others often check in for a drink as well. A flurry of activity is a reality year-round.

Word from Kelly Billing - Water Garden Author

As a 35 year veteran of the water gardening industry I know first hand how daunting the idea of building a pond can be. My clients have been as small as an installer with just a pickup truck and a shovel to some of the largest contracted projects in the USA today. There are so many things to consider. The correct pump size, liner size and even the number of gallons in the finished project need to be considered. Even other seasoned veterans have hesitation and look to other professionals to ensure all things have been given attention. Quite simply, the foundation and groundwork done on the front end, are critical to the success of any water feature because once you have lined the hole and filled it with water there is ‘no turning back’.

The Frame It All Design It All 3D Tool was created specifically to eliminate the guesswork and I have to say I was skeptical at first. How could an app encompass all those variables? I will suffice it to say that a skilled group of folks from varying backgrounds came together with all the questions and accomplished just that.

A multitude of scenarios were discussed with great attention to details and before you know it – guess work gone!

I don’t pride myself in being tech savvy in most computer formats and I can’t win a video game for trying. However, I find the Frame It All app particularly intuitive and easy to use. I know that if I can use it without a pretraining course than anyone can. Just select your straight boards or curved and begin to formulate a shape that appeals to you. Easily ‘lock’ or ‘drag’ the framework to manipulate the shape until it is exactly what you are looking for!

Not happy with the color? Just click and change it!!

Want it to be higher? Add a board.

Want multiple water levels? The app can handle it!!

It is as simple as that!

From there use the dig tool to determine your depth. Warmer and cooler climates are best suited deeper water (2-3’) to either protect things in winter from freezing or to provide cooler water on the bottom in areas of the country that are very hot. Everyone in the moderate temperate zones will be fine at 2’deep. Just a reflecting pool, 1 foot will do!

Ready to add liner to the pond? There is a tool for that too! Viola, all the important parts will be calculated for you! Liner size, total gallons, and even the pump is selected. Guesswork Gone! I am really excited for you to get started! - - - Kelly Billing

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Classic Sienna 2" Composite Straight and Curved Timbers:


Brown Brackets for Classic Sienna


2' x 4' x 27.5" Parts List:

for SKU: 700001045

  • 26-22.25 Inch Long Classic Sienna 2 Inch Profile Composite Raised Garden Bed Straight Boards
  • 44-Tool-Free Snap-Lock Raised Garden Bed Stacking Brackets
  • 8-Tool-Free Snap-Lock Raised Garden Bed 4-way Bracing Brackets
  • 6-Anchor Stakes
  • 20-StackingStakes
  • 6-Solid Finishing Caps
  • 104-Plugs / Locking Nubs
  • 2-Finishing Sleeve Pack
  • 1-Liner

Instruction Manual

2' x4' x 33" Parts List:

for SKU: 700002045

  • 32-22.25 Inch Long Classic Sienna 2 Inch Profile Composite Raised Garden Bed Straight Boards
  • 56-Tool-Free Snap-Lock Raised Garden Bed Stacking Brackets
  • 8-Tool-Free Snap-Lock Raised Garden Bed 4-way Bracing Brackets
  • 6-Anchor Stakes
  • 26-StackingStakes
  • 6-Solid Finishing Caps
  • 128-Plugs / Locking Nubs
  • 2-Finishing Sleeve Pack
  • 1-Liner

Instruction Manual