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Product Features

  • 3.43 gallon water storage capacity
  • 1.02 Cubic Feet of Soil Required
  • Use with Elevated Legs or Castor Wheels
  • Integrated plant support frame
  • Greenhouse cover
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can also be used year-round in an enclosed sunroom.
  • No tools required

Product Description

Keep your favorite herbs and vegetables close at hand with this convenient self-watering planter. Perfect for patios, decks and small-space gardening or as an easy-access supplement to a traditional vegetable garden.

Enjoy the benefits of gardening and healthy, fresh produce with less effort. The elevated planter makes it more comfortable to plant and tend your garden without straining your back or knees. Minimal maintenance required.

Provides enough room for two large tomato plant with several herbs or lettuces inter-planted around the base.

New Feature: Install this planter with castor wheels and relocate by rolling the planter to any nearby space. Great for sudden inclement weather or to control sun/shade spots. Please note that the planter can be used with legs OR with castor wheels. Legs and Wheels CANNOT be installed simultaneously.


  • Planter: Made from durable fade-proof, food-grade safe polypropylene.
  • Wheel: Nylon Plastic & Carbon Steel (Pin)
    • Wheel Specifications

      • Wheel Capacity: up to 180 lbs.
      • Wheel Diameter: 1.15 inches
      • Wheel Width: 1.38 inches
      • Floor to Planter Base Distance: 0.6 inches

      Parts List

    • (A) 1 x Pot/Base
    • (B) 1 x Separator/Plate
    • (C) 4 x Legs
    • (D) 4 x Feet
    • (F) 9 x Horizontal Bar - 36 cm
    • (G) 30 x Vertical Bar - 27cm
    • (H) 12 x Corner Joiner
    • (I) 6 x T-Joiner
    • (J) 5 x Castor Wheels (4 Corner placement plus center wheel)
    • (L) 2 x Reservoir Cover
    • (M) 1 x Greenhouse Cover 
      • Components

        Self-watering reservoir irrigates planter for several days.

        Protective greenhouse cover allows you to start your plants early and grow longer. Create the perfect environment for starting seeds or transplants, then remove once risk of frost has passed. Use as a temporary protective cover during storms or high winds. Grow cool-season veggies into Fall, using the greenhouse cover to protect plants overnight or when temperatures suddenly drop

        Trellis frame provides strong support for heavy plants eliminating the need for constant staking and tying.