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The Frame It All system is the quick and easy to assemble, all-season durable, warp-resistant landscaping solution that is ideal for constructing raised garden beds, sandboxes or beautiful watergarden ponds. Your landscape edging will look pristine and glorious for years to come. Naturally good looking it guarantees an architecturally pleasing result with no skill required. The patented joints and composite plastic timbers in our sandbox kits and other excellent landscaping kits offer endless creative design options, like our new Classic White Raised Garden.

Frame it All has raised the bar and set a new standard in do-it-yourself landscape design delivering professional quality and results at an affordable price.Our best-selling raised garden beds are an all-in-one solution for planting in a small space. Landscaping has never been easier. Easily plant flowers, shrubs or a vegetable garden when you assemble these composite timbers or western red cedar boards with a screwdriver and a hammer. Raised bed gardening requires no grass and no yard so you can create a beautiful, eco-friendly space in an unlikely place like a deck or a rooftop. Check out our accessories for Frame It All’s raised garden beds like cold frame greenhouses, trellises and more!


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