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Raised Garden Beds

Frame It All offers an elegant, attractive solution to building raised vegetable gardens with an easy do-it-yourself product that is safe, durable, and attractive.

  • Five Tips For Building a Raised Garden Bed - A raised vegetable garden can yield healthier vegetables and be easier to maintain than a traditional garden. If you're considering building a raised bed garden, keep these tips in mind.
  • How to Assemble a Raised Garden Bed - Design and build a robust raised vegetable garden with ease. The patented Frame It All system makes building a raised vegetable garden a snap. You'll only need a few tools and a little time and soon you'll be enjoying the bountiful vegetables raised bed gardening can offer.
  • Why Buy a Frame It All Raised Garden Bed - Easy to install, all-season durable and attractive in any yard, the Frame It All system, from Scenery Solutions, is changing the way raised bed vegetable gardens are being built. Gone are the tattered, rotting wood frames or hulking ugly railroad ties that overpower the aesthetics of your yard. And with the simple assembly of Frame It All you won't waste hours measuring lumber, aligning seams and measuring angles.


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